Fake My Pic GPS Location PRO

Ever wanted to know how to fake the location of your pictures?

Now you can! This is easy as 1-2-3!

– Select any desired location on the worldwide map
– Snap a new picture or select from Camera Roll
– Tap FAKE NOW – DONE! Now GPS data of the picture was changed

Upload image to any Social Media and your location data will be completely fake! Prank your friends! Enjoy!


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Tracknwatch OPS

Tracknwatch OPS is an exciting new platform designed for emergency responders, and incident managers to allow streaming live video from their smartphone of incidents or events from across the globe whilst their position is displayed on an interactive map

Managers, supervisors and control room operators can monitor the responders position with 3 sec updates whilst observing first hand what the responder is seeing through live streaming video.

Weather overlays are included so that emergency responders can monitor the weather which may have an impact on the incident they are attending to.

There is also a chat facility which allows Managers and Supervisors to send messages to the responders and the message will appear on the phone screen so that the responder can talk directly to the control room through the phone microphone. This leaves their hand free to concentrate on driving or dealing with the incident.

The tracking markers have a different status for different modes and a Red-flashing marker indicates that the responder is streaming live video . A green marker indicates the responder is in tracking mode only.

To apply for membership to the network please email us at support@tracknwatch and we will contact you to discuss your application and provide login details.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your needs at support@tracknwatch.com


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Doctrina Fuerza Aérea Colombia

La APP de Doctrina de la Fuerza Aérea Colombiana es una aplicación diseñada para smartphones que permite a los usuarios tener acceso directo al pensamiento de los soldados del aire, mediante el acceso al Manual de Doctrina Básica de la Fuerza Aérea Colombiana, la última edición de la Revista Taktika, y a secciones de doctrina rápida donde podrá encontrar información relevante del ámbito aéreo y espacial militar.
Una herramienta necesaria para el personal operativo y administrativo de la Fuerza para acceder desde la palma de su mano a las Operaciones Tipo, otros manuales públicos , nuestra misión, visión, himno y escudo de la Fuerza Aérea Colombiana así como a un interesante modulo de fotografías y videos institucionales relacionados con la Institución aérea.


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Version: 1.0
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Fuerza Aeréa Colombiana

Aplicación móvil de la Fuerza Aérea Colombiana donde encontrará información del mundo aeronáutico, noticias, fotografías y videos sobre la misión que cumplen las Damas y Caballeros del Aire en pro del bienestar y seguridad del país.


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1. 六路视频
* 车外四路:车身四周无死角全景监控,辅助泊车
* 车内两路:对内视角、对外视角

2. 大容量存储
* ECU自带32G闪存,可进行高中低质量的行车录像及驻车时的震动启动录像。

3. 手机APP互联
* 视频监控:行车记录、实时监控、主动报警、录像回放、视频下载
* 车辆状态:车速、开关门ACC
* 车辆定位


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Version: 1.0.2
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Fly Kolibri

Fly Kolibri App allows for Live FPV Stream and Control of your Kolibri drones.
Download the Fly Kolibri app and take your exploration to new heights with the full line of Kolibri FPV Streaming Drones. These drones are equipped with a high-definition camera to capture all its high-flying adventures, so use your smartphone to keep an eye on the overhead action.

You now have control from you pocket. Experience each aerial journey first-hand on the your smart device app, which lets you watch videos from the drone’s point of view. With a push of the button you now can control your drone with your smart phone.

Get live up to date model documentation. Download and explore all manuals, current and past. Step-by-step walkthrough to get you flying.


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地图照片 – 合成地图和相片GPS位置信息



– 在地图上,添加拍照或从系统相册添加图片。
– 标识图片的经纬度、时间和地址信息。
– 任意调整照片的大小、位置。
– 可双指任意旋转图片的偏移角度。




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Updated: 2017-09-15 21:52:15
Version: 1.2.1
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Car Dash Cam – DVR&Mlieage GPS Tracker

Car Dash Camera, your black box that stores video and related information of your driving., It is useful for checking the date and driving conditions in the event of an accident.
– Speedometer: display real-time speed
– allows to take photos
– Multiple video resolutions (low, medium, high) for choice to save memory.
– Loop recording available, no worry about that your phone memory may be full.
– To detect the vehicle driving conditions anomaly and will lock video automatically after an abnormal brake to avoid be deleted.

– Able to turn off the phone screen in the process of recording to decrease battery consumption.
– Simple and convenient for the video and road inquiry.
– Export to export video
– Watermark: show date and date


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