Doctor Go Medico

La tecnología avanza, y también la forma de otorgar asistencia médica en casa a tus pacientes, gracias a Doctor Go. Descarga nuestra aplicación, que es muy fácil de usar para encontrar pacientes cerca de ti. Recibe notificaciones en tiempo real de personas que necesitan servicio médico y acude en su ayuda.
Nuestra aplicación te permitirá:
Recibir notificaciones cuando un paciente cercano a ti requiera atención médica.
Obtener una ruta para llegar hasta tu paciente.
Expedir una receta virtual.
Llevar un historial médico de tus pacientes.
Obtener más consultas.
Y recuerda, ¡Doctor Go no te cobra comisión por pacientes atendidos! El costo de la consulta lo recibes en efectivo por parte del paciente y es todo para ti.
Dirigida especialmente a médicos de Fundación Best.…/id1294069331?l=en&mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2017-10-18 00:26:37
Version: 1.1.1
Seller: Fundacion Best A.C.
Size: 36.43 MB

Kaizen Health Driver

Kaizen Health Driver App allows non-emergency medical transportation to be easily managed by the driver. The driver simply signs up, provides details on their car, and then after necessary background checks, can begin driving for Kaizen Health.…/id1268234382?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2017-09-29 06:09:58
Version: 1.0
Seller: Kaizen Health Inc (Kaizen Health)
Size: 55.66 MB

OMN – Outdoor Map Navigator

Offline Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain along with GPS functionality.

Outdoor Map Navigator apps are available on iOS, macOS, PC and other phones allowing you to use the maps you purchase or subscribe to along with your routes on multiple phones, tablets and computers.

Four Platforms at no extra cost

• OMN apps are available on four platforms: iOS, macOS, PC and other phones.
• Sync your routes and maps between all of the apps with ease via Anquet Cloud.
• Purchase a subscription and use your maps on all four apps.

iOS App

• Download maps to store on your iPhone/iPad to use them offline without an internet connection.
• See your position in real time on the latest Ordnance Survey maps.
• Record tracklogs of where you have been.
• Plot routes, edit and style them.
• Fully featured offline search including place names and postcodes.
• Use Ordnance Survey grid references, lat/lon or UTM.


• Access the latest Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 scale Explorer maps and 1:50,000 scale Landranger maps.
• High Definition and Standard Definition Ordnance Survey maps are available.
• Subscribe or buy Ordnance Survey maps.
• Other maps available include OS Open Map Local, OS Vector Map, Harvey, French IGN and historical maps.
• Maps can be downloaded for offline use so that they can be used away from an internet connection.
• Superfast map rendering to any zoom level.
• Use your maps on iOS, macOS, PC and other phones via OMN apps on these platforms – no need to use a clunky web browser based system.
• The option to stream maps when you have an internet connection.

Routes and Tracklogs

• Add and save waypoints.
• Plot, edit and style your own routes.
• Create your own styles for routes and tracks with transparency, thickness and colour.
• Choose from over 200 icons for waypoints, or import your own on OMN macOS or OMN PC and sync to your account for use on OMN iOS.
• Save routes and tracks and sync them to Anquet Cloud to access them on other OMN apps.
• Import and Export data in the industry standard GPX file format.

Use your maps, routes and tracks within any of the four OMN apps. You can therefore plan a route on the larger screen on your Mac or PC, and then easily sync your route data to your iPhone or iPad. If you need to make a change whilst on the go, OMN iOS has a full route editing system. When you have completed your trip, review your tracklog either on OMN iOS, or quickly sync to your Mac or PC to view on a larger screen.

Anquet Maps have been building digital mapping systems since 2001. This latest version of OMN was built with the help of our customers concentrating on usability and consistency across iOS, macOS, PC and other phones to allow users to learn the system once and easily move between computers without having to relearn everything. Although you have a full route editing system on your iPhone or iPad, also having access to the same tools on your Mac or PC will make your route planning much easier due to the larger screen. OMN mac and PC also contain a very powerful print engine to allow you to make map prints to carry as a backup.

If you have questions, please reach out to us at…/id1276592903?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2017-08-31 18:45:37
Updated: 2017-10-10 19:36:19
Version: 1.02
Seller: Anquet Technology Ltd (Anquet Maps)
Size: 83.49 MB

Avoid the Hill

Walking uphill is physically demanding and walking downhill is terrible on your knees. Use Avoid the Hill to get the flattest route between your current location and your ending destination among fastest routes that Google provides. Arrive to your destination in less time and with more energy!…/id1268116360?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2017-08-07 03:57:50
Version: 1.0
Seller: Ege Tanboga
Size: 32.24 MB

Kent Connected

Get fit, stay active, and improve your health and wellbeing. Help reduce your impact on the environment by lowering pollution and minimizing congestion on our roads. Save some time and money by using alternative travel options. Sound good?

Kent Connected is a free journey planner that empowers you to make smarter travel choices with your health, time, and the environment in mind. Kent Connected makes travel planning easy; it shows live bus and train times, and provides different route suggestions for walking and cycling and includes an integrated walking and cycling map to help ease any worries and get you on your way.

We understand the need to plan on the go. So we’ve made this app with you, and your lifestyle in mind. If you want to take a break from the car, or just need some inspiration or help planning your journey, Kent Connected is for you.

Features include:
– On the go journey planner
– Uses GPS to show current location and trip progress
– Shows live train and bus times
– Easy to use interactive map
– Save your home and work address
– View stats on pollution, calories and CO2
– All journeys include detailed directions
– Walking and cycling journeys include a route elevation profile
– View local walking and cycling paths
– Kent-wide…/id1260516041?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2017-07-23 16:31:58
Updated: 2017-10-03 18:33:38
Version: 1.0.3
Seller: Tinderhouse
Size: 12.56 MB


Use the GPCats app to track the position of your GPCats tracking collar. Its easy-to-use interface and fast connection to the tracking database makes it your companion to look for your cat wherever you are.…/id1252758743?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2017-06-27 18:06:54
Updated: 2017-08-10 23:20:32
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: GPTracks UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
Size: 12.66 MB


LaneSpotter is making cycling safer – and easier – by giving you a mapping and navigation tool built specifically for people who ride a bike.

Through the app, you have access to bike maps AND safety maps – created by other cyclists. Find your city’s bike lanes and see which roads have been rated the safest by other cyclists.

Cyclists are encouraged to help one another by giving safety ratings to the roads they travel. Once the roads have been rated, LaneSpotter helps you create the safest routes from Point A to Point B. And then we make it easy for you to get there, by providing turn-by-turn navigation.…/id1203780985?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2017-06-17 20:01:34
Version: 1.0
Seller: LaneSpotter, Inc.
Size: 65.60 MB