Brave α|Unit evolution and Sphere synthetic management, etc. Support Tools

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Burefuro (Brave Frontier) cheats useful tool. Unit information, the evolution material of multiple unit aggregate, Uni search by BB and skills effect. Synthetic management of multiple Sphere, you can, such as Quest search by the necessary experience value.

1. Unit related functions

■ status information in detail, of course units, aggregates the evolution number of material required for the evolution of all of the units that you have added to my unit, it will be displayed in easy to understand icons.
Now, I wanted to evolve any unit, any evolution or material of is some need for that, it will save the time and effort to think many times.
Possession number of evolution material you can also be set.
■ also supports unit of star 7. Brave burst, Super Brave burst, Ultimate Brave burst, there leader skills, also information of extra skills.
■ By setting the current level in the unit detail, you can see the experience required for the MAX level.
■ [2015.04.02 additional functions]
Unit name, skill effects, you can now search the unit in the keyword of BB effect from,.
Skill effects, we find from the effects of leader skills and extra skills. 15% relief, you can extract the only unit that has the skills, such as abnormal state disabled.
BB effect, it finds BB, SBB, from the effects of UBB. Poison, you can extract the only unit with a BB effects such as half in relief.

2. Sphere related functions
■ and browsing as well Sphere of information details and units, you can display aggregate the material items necessary for the synthesis of all of spheres added to my sphere.
I wanted to make any sphere, I think whether its what material items of is some need for is likely to grasp.
Again, you can set the number of possession of the current material items.

3. Quest related functions
■ Quest search I can empirical value.
“I went metal parade from earns after experience much 2000, we will go around ○ weeks across level-up” I think serve you when you said that.

The other, so we hope to add at any time a function serve you in the future, you can contact us from contact us if you have any opinions and requests, etc. and it is fortunate.…/id980184759?mt=8&uo=4

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