Сочи Парк

Сочи Парк – первый тематический парк страны и один из наиболее мощных новых магнитов, притягивающих в Сочи туристов со всей России и из-за рубежа. Он два года подряд подтверждает звание первого и лучшего в стране и СНГ открытого развлекательного парка с количеством посетителей свыше миллиона человек в год, а в 2016 году вошел в топ-25 лучших парков Европы. Получить максимум пользы и удовольствия от посещения парка поможет мобильное приложение «Сочи Парк».


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Leikkipuistot Helsinki

Näe Helsingin leikkipuistot kartalla. Sovellus hyödyntää Helsingin kaupungin palvelukarttaa. Klikkaamalla puistoja näet tarkemmat tiedot. Leikkipuistot-sovellus on osa Perheentuki-hanketta. www.hel.fi/perheentuki


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The app was made for hikers, bikers, divers, techno geeks, treasure seekers, scouts, families and just plain nature lovers who embrace Geocaching and all it has to offer.

Compete with other geocachers and search the most caches!

– text can be read aloud
– speed of reading can be adjusted
– compass
– elevation of the cache
– distance to cache
– profile (opencaching.com)
– cache logging (found, not found, comment…w/o code)
– search caches by difficulty, terrain, awesomeness, size, type
– caches sorted by distance
– pictures of caches
– hint of cache
– log of cache
– worldwide highscore
– the entry for the highscore will be updated auomatically if you are searching the cache
– Logbook: overview of your logs
– delete your log entries


– flashlight
– QR Scanner
– morse code


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Locate it


Welcome to Locate It. Is there a location you loved and in a hurry and don’t have time to take there address. Well with uMap with a push of a button you can save your exact location and labeled it with your own category so you can find that location again later. Add as many locations you want and never have to worry about looking for it again.


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Positive Drive

Positive Drive is a multimodal tracking app. Positive Drive is based on “doing and rewarding the right transport choice”. It uses only positive nudges (coaching, prizes, social status, achievements, etc) in order to let users change modality, drive the right speed or choose the another route.

Sponsors and prizes are locally recruited and offered to sustainable campaigns. Have a look in the game room and see the prizes you can win in your area!

Besides points and prizes Positive Drive offers a lot more statistics like burned calories, saved CO2 emission or saved money. Compare your statistics with other users!

Please provide us with feedback. Send you suggestions and comments to: Jeroen@positivedriveapp.com

We only use your GPS when a route is being recorded, after 10 minutes of inactivity the GPS is turned off. The automatic recording uses a minimal amount of battery life


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SendLocation is small utility for those who need an application that sends your location to your own server and script. It’s dead simple: just provide the server and script and this app will do the rest.

SendLocation supports background updating. The application doesn’t even need to be open to get location updates. However when SendLocation is closed or in background it detects only “significant” location changes (a new feature in iOS 4). These changes are typically occuring when changing cell in your mobile network.

By creating your own script you can ..
– publish your location in your own webpage
– make your own “locate my iPhone” service
– send email to your friend when you’re nearby
.. use this information for any nice idea that pops in to your mind!

The HTTP GET-method is in following format:


Where you must provide the “http://yourserver.com/yourscript.php” part to application settings.

Speed is your current speed in meters per second (calculated by GPS points) and heading is the course youre travelling towards (also calculated from GPS).

Notice: when this app is at foreground it can send your location in 5 second intervals. This might stress some servers or cause lots of traffic to your server. Please monitor the usage!


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