Lot LayOut

Lot LayOut allows large groups of individuals the ability to keep track of inventory locations. The tool allows users to scan the vehicle identification barcode which updates the location of that specific vehicle and can be referenced later on. This allows each employee at an automotive business to have instant updated access to an entire inventory’s location. Lot LayOut uses GPS and a satellite map view to display the specific vehicles exact location, saving time searching for specific inventory units.


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Released: 2017-10-14 02:24:33
Version: 1.0
Seller: Alex Christie
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Технопарк “Строгино”

Информационно-навигационный мобильный сервис по комплексу «Технопарк Строгино», с интегрированным навигатором по зданиям на основе wi-fi и bluetooth сигналов, дополненной реальности и аудио поиска.
Приложение предназначено для осуществления навигации в зданиях Технопарка Строгино и предоставления информации пользователю о резидентах, свободных помещениях, инфраструктуре комплекса. Алгоритмы навигации приложения базируются на Wi-fi и Bluetooth сетях, с корректировкой за счет данных сенсоров мобильного устройства (магнитометра, акселерометра и гироскопа).
В приложение интегрированы медиа маршруты c аудио и видео точками, создаваемые администрацией с использованием контрольной web панели.
Так же информация о резидентах демонстрируется пользователю за счет дополненной реальности (AR), т.е. при наведении камеры мобильного устройства на дверь помещения, запускается медиа окно с текстовым описанием и видео роликом о нем.
Администрация технопарка может отслеживать перемещение персонала по территории комплекса и получать статистические данные о посещаемости зданий с множеством аналитик и тепловыми картами.
Технопарка «СТРОГИНО» является единственным технопарком в Москве, в котором реализован полный цикл поддержки проекта от идеи и до организации производства. Для каждой стадии развития проекта в Технопарке «СТРОГИНО» существует инфраструктурный элемент, который обладает всеми материально-техническими средствами и набором услуг, необходимых для данного этапа.


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Released: 2017-10-13 21:45:31
Version: 1.0
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Treasuremap Club

Treasure Map is the ONLY tool to help players find Casino/Sweepstakes/other Redemption based games. Users will be able to view stores on the map and access a store profile which includes information on: types of games and fish tables, current available promotions, available amenities, store reviews and much, much more. Please leave a thoughtful review on every store you play at so other customers can be properly informed before they visit a new location. To benefit you, all players will receive a notification when promotions are posted at nearby stores within 25 miles.

Want to receive notifications on promotions for your favorite shop? We can do that for you! You may never know what you’re leaving on the table by not staying informed of any current promotions….

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If you would like for your location to be listed on Treasure Map, download and register for a “business” profile. We will contact you to collect your store’s information profile and instructions on how to send promotions.


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Released: 2017-10-11 19:00:48
Version: 1.0
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A must have for transport organisations and drivers.Find and navigate easily to the nearest workshop of members of European Trailer Care. Realiable repairs & good service.
– Navigation via Google Maps
– Addresses and telephone numbers of member of European Trailer Care
– Push messages of important information


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Released: 2017-10-11 14:45:06
Version: 1.0
Seller: Jetske Van’t Blik
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Global GPS Monitor

Use our app on your iPhone or iPad to see the real-time location of all your vehicles, trucks, field staff and more:

* Real time location
* View history of your vehicles including trips taken, idling, stops, etc.
* Monitor virtual geofences to alert you in real time when your vehicles enter/exit the
* Real-time alerts will be pushed to the app
* Choose from a variety of different maps to view your vehicles

To use the app please contact your sales rep to get the login credentials.


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Languages: ZH, NL, EN, FR, ID, RO, RU, ES, TR
Released: 2017-10-11 02:14:51
Version: 1.0
Seller: Rosanna Sabusap
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Safebridge HUB

Safebridge App will open you the door of our HUB, the place where you can find the complete set of all tools you need for your human resource competency management. All courses you will complete and the one you are currently enrolled will be available here. Anywhere and anytime


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Released: 2017-10-11 00:27:39
Version: 1.0
Seller: Safebridge GmbH
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Amata SmartCity

Programs for Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate For estate agents Officials factories And for general working inside the settlement. The program consists of
1. Map Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate It is a kind of high-resolution maps.
2. Search company, factory, retail and agency services. Within the industrial estate And neighboring areas
3. The list of companies and factories in industrial estates. The display on the map.
4. The alerts can be set on the map by a period to stop showing.
5. News of the estates
6. Advertising
7. Recruitment services
8. Board informed stakeholders in areas within estates.
9. The system design and management issues in the estates.


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Updated: 2017-10-16 17:55:51
Version: 1.1
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easi6 driver

Thanks for joining easi6!

You need to get your account information created by your dispatcher’s manager tool

With easi6’s driver app you can:
1. Receive orders and get accurate customer info, pickup locations

2. See your schedule in order automatically. No pen and paper needed!

3. Record when each trip starts and ends simply by swiping

4. Stay focused on the road and communicate effectively with dispatcher

If your dispatcher wants access to easi6’s manager tool, reach us at info@easi6.com


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Released: 2017-09-29 01:49:15
Version: 1.0
Seller: easi6, Inc.
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