infsoft Indoor Tracking

Indoor positioning & navigation – powered by infsoft

This app is used to visualize tracking data of the infsoft LocAware platform within your application.

More information about infsoft Indoor Tracking can be found here:

infsoft GmbH has been offering solutions in the area of indoor navigation, indoor analytics, indoor tracking and location based services since 2006.

Besides the development of all-in-one solutions for major clients, infsoft offers scalable Software Development Kits (SDK), which lets developers integrate our key technologies into third party applications.

Frankfurt Airport, Vodafone, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and Daimler are among our long-standing clients.

Indoor positioning systems allow a better orientation in complex buildings and enable new applications in the field of location based services and -marketing.

infsoft created the “smart connected locations” approach; all backend tools and gained data are conntected and interchanged in the LocAware platform® in order to create added value – going beyond the blue dot in a map.…/id1258138887?mt=8&uo=4

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