P1Taxi Cliente

Contamos con una flota moderna de vehículos que te brindara confort en los servicios que solicites:

• Servicio Gerencial y Ejecutivo
Brindamos una flota moderna totalmente equipada, confort, puntualidad y rapidez al momento de cada viaje, garantizando seguridad en todos sus recorridos con conductores altamente capacitados.

• Servicios de Van y Minivan
Dirigido para movilizar mayor cantidad de personal, capacitaciones y formaciones de las empresas.

• Servicio Courier
Nos dedicamos a la entrega de paquetes y documentos con carácter de urgencia, brindando la confianza y seguridad que usted merece.

Te ofrecemos:
• Software diferenciado y una APP moderna, inteligente y práctica
• Creación por centro de costo y usuarios
• Unidades monitoreadas en tiempo real
• Indicadores y reportes a detalle
• Tarifas diferenciadas acorde al mercado
• Conductores capacitados, uniformados y certificados


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GPS Phone Tracker Family Locator Pro

Use your iPhone’s GPS to follow your child , family member , friend , colleagues.

The GPS Phone Tracker – Family Locator allows you to know the location of your family at any time. Now you can use the GPS technology on your iPhone to give you the peace-of-mind that you know where everybody is located (and where they have been).

Wouldn’t it be nice to see where your kids have been throughout the day and know that your spouse has safely arrived during his/her travels? Now you can.

The GPS Tracker – Family Locator combines the robust GPS functionality of the iPhone, internet mapping and the latest features of iOS8.

Features include:

-: Route Map Preview : It shows preview of travelling route and save.

-: Shows the details of distance travelled,time taken to travel,pace and travel

-: It also give very accurate current location to determine where you are at
any time.

-: Avoid unauthorised access of your location by disable your GPS location in

-: The power of control and safety together.Control what to show and with

-: Track your route in real time.

-: Business to track delivery vehicles.

-: Simple and easy to use and more battery friendly.

-: App works in background.

-: Emergency help alert message

► Locate another iPhone user and view his/her movements.
► Permission based system allows/denies other iPhone users to follow you.
► Simple registration process.

Uses include:
► Follow your child’s movements during the day.
► Know where a family member is at any time.
► Track an employee’s travel route.
► Locate friends.

Other items:
► If you have any problems, we are here to help! Email us (premjose@gmail.com) if you have any questions.

► To follow another person, they must use the GPS Tracker – Family Locator to grant you permission.

► Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Esta app de la academia ASES te permite consultar los horarios disponibles, tanto de cursos, CAES, intensivos, etc de la academia ASES y realizar reservas de forma fácil y rápida.

También puedes acceder al campus virtual de la academia y acceder a todo el material y los tests disponibles para poder consultarlos y realizarlos en cualquier momento desde tu dispositivo móvil.


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Taximetro GPS Bogotá

El taximetro GPS te permite estimar el costo del taxi sin requerimientos de internet.

Tiene las siguientes funcionalidades

* Cálculo de tarifa de taxi para Bogotá teniendo en cuenta distancia y tiempo
* Compartir el viaje con amigos
* Calculadora por unidades
* Consulta de detalles de los costos y recargos
* Historial de recorridos
* Resumen de viaje

Si tienes dudas de si un taximetro está adulterado, puedes probar para ver el valor aproximado que te deben cobrar.

Inicialmente solo está disponible para Bogotá.


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Can’t read your speedometer without reading glasses? SpeedOdo features the LARGEST easy to read digits possible on your iPhone or iPad. It has a speedometer, odometer (total and trip), course heading, and longitude/latitude location. For safety and simplicity while in (or on) a moving a vehicle, double tap all buttons or swipe left/right with one finger anywhere on the screen. Swipe left to go to the next screen, swipe right to go to the previous screen. If you keep swiping in one direction you eventually get back to the screen where you started. A triple tap with one finger on any screen brings you back to the Menu Screen. A triple tap on the Menu Screen takes you to the previous screen.

I wanted something for my small boat so that I could see the speed, distance and heading easily without reading glasses, in sunlight or at night. There are many GPS based apps, but I wanted something BIGGER and with everything navigation related in one app. I also wanted an app that is safe and simple to use while riding in (or on) a moving vehicle (boat, car, motorcycle, bicycle). I couldn’t find an app that had all these things, so I wrote SpeedOdo!

I mount my iPhone or iPad on my boat dash (and my car dash and my SUP board) in a waterproof case and with the SpeedOdo app I can clearly see the speed, odometer and course heading with just my sunglasses. I don’t have to wear reading glasses when driving or boating anymore! It’s large enough that I can even see it with polarized lenses (iPhone and iPad have polarized screens…)

It can be difficult (and unsafe) in a moving vehicle trying to push tiny buttons or menu areas on a phone or tablet. SpeedOdo takes advantage of the whole screen and uses swipe gestures (one finger) to display other screens with more information (which are also displayed in very large font sizes), and triple tap gestures (one finger, 3 taps) to return to the menu screen . Use it in the car, on the boat, or on a motorcycle – no more reading glasses or straining to read the tiny dashboard speedometer. And forget about the tiny barely legible clock in the status bar – a much larger digital time is displayed in the lower right corner. It is great for hiking, walking, cycling and stand-up paddle boarding too.

– Menu Screen – Displays LARGE buttons to go to all other screens
– Dashboard Screen – Displays LARGE speed, course, and trip distance
– Trip Odometer Screen – Displays the LARGE trip odometer
– Total Odometer Screen – Displays the LARGE total odometer
– Speed Screen – Displays current, average and top speeds
– Location Screen – Displays latitude, longitude and altitude
– GPS Screen – Displays all GPS data in real time
– Timer Screen – Displays LARGE trip timer
– Clock Screen – Displays the date and a LARGE digital clock with the current time
– Course Screen – Displays the LARGE most recent course (degrees and heading)
– Help Screen – Displays tips for navigation within the app
– Settings Screen – The SpeedOdo section in the Settings App

– Easy to read because of the LARGE font sizes
– Screen navigation is all swipes and taps (the entire screen is one big button!)
– All other buttons require a double tap so you don’t hit them accidentally while you’re moving
– Double tap the Map button on the Location screen to view exactly where you are on a map
– Double tap the Send button on the Location screen to send a text message containing your location to friends and family
– Course shows compass degrees and heading (16 points)
– Double tap the units in the upper left corner to change units: MPH (miles-per-hour), KPH (kilometers-per-hour) and KNOTS (nautical-miles-per-hour)
– User can pre-set total distance odometer to an existing vehicle odometer value

NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Gulf Pay – Gulf Mobile

Introducing Gulf Pay from Gulf Oil, the fast, easy and secure way to buy fuel and products with your mobile phone. Locate the nearest Gulf Oil station, securely add encrypted, tokenized credits cards into your Gulf Pay mobile wallet, pick a pump and fuel up! Receive fuel and product discounts on your favorite items, and be rewarded for repeat activity.


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LifeSpots helps you find services provided by local charities and nonprofits near you. Find volunteer opportunities. Help your local politicians. Find help for women, youth, elderly, veterans and animals. Find where to go after a natural disaster. And more…

– Find nearby services by location or type of service
– Find local events held by the organizations near you
– Subscribe to organizations or services so you’ll always know what is available
– Receive notifications about services, organizations, events or incidents

Nonprofits and charities solve many of the challenges we face in our daily lives, and yet until now you had no idea where or what services were available. Now you can find everything in one place.

Here are some of the types of services provided by organisations you will find in the app:

– Women
– Youth
– Family
– Veterans
– Disaster
– Advocacy
– Health
– Animals
– Environment
– Faith based
– Education
– Arts & culture

LifeSpots is constantly adding cities, organizations and services!

Soon LifeSpots will cover the earth!

In order to show you what services are nearest to you when you need them, the app needs to keep track of your location. The app will also let you know about events, services and new organizations where you are, depending on your interests.

Please note: Continued running of GPS in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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М.Такси — официальное такси для Вашего города.

М.Такси – Мы вывели такси на новый уровень комфорта.
Закажи официальное такси комфорт-класса в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге.

Формула лучшего такси – 3К:
– Качество водителя
– Качество автомобиля
– Качество подачи

М.Такси – Ваш надежный партнер в сфере пассажирских перевозок.

Наши преимущества:
– безопасность;
– автопарк собственных брендированных автомобилей М.Такси;
– новые автомобили комфорт класса;
– движение по выделенной полосе;
– вежливые водители;
– прозрачные и оптимальные цены;
– своевременность подачи;
– контроль качества;
– ежедневный технический осмотр и мойка автомобилей;
-обязательное медицинское освидетельствование водителей перед выходом на линию;
– персональный менеджер;
– англоговорящие водители;
– отслеживание рейсов, встреча с табличкой.

Основные возможности приложения М.Такси:

– Заказ авто без звонка диспетчеру. Отметьте точку на карте, не нужно писать длинный адрес вручную;

– Поиск машины с учетом тарифа и Ваших пожеланий (детское кресло, пр.);

– Приложение показывает информацию о водителе и его автомобиле;

– Движение водителя видно на карте;

– После поездки оставьте отзыв о качестве обслуживания;

– Сохраните популярные адреса и быстро выбирайте их;

– Оповещение проинформирует Вас о прибытии авто;

– История заказов. Повтор заказа. Обратная поездка.

Понравилось приложение? Расскажите друзьям.


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