ACE Skyline Taxis

We are a licensed minicab service, providing private hire services. We operate 24 hours.We cover all
major airports including London Heathrow , London Gatwick, London Luton Airport, Stansted Airport, City Airport.

Our App allows you to book a Private Hire taxi with ACE Taxis.

It is an easy app to book taxi in London and surrounding. You can get a quote, make instant booking, get confirmation, track your driver. You can
also Manage your bookings, favourite addresses and cancellation of your bookings..…/id1022838663?mt=8&uo=4

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Languages: EN
Released: 2015-07-31 23:01:40
Updated: 2017-10-05 23:52:27
Version: 2.5
Seller: Eurosoft Tech Limited (EuroSoft Tech)
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Now available on iOS, WATisRain is an app to help you navigate the buildings of the University of Waterloo without going outside (ie, by going through the various tunnels between buildings). This may prove to be useful when it’s raining outside, or if it’s freezing cold.

* Easy to use graphical interface
* Supports all bridges and tunnels, and most major buildings on campus
* Direction list as well as route displayed on map
* Tells you when to climb up and down stairs
* 100% open source and ad free


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Released: 2015-07-31 21:48:52
Updated: 2016-09-06 19:37:39
Version: 1.02
Seller: Bai Li
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Green Map – Interactive map of Austin’s parks

An easy to browse gallery of the parks in Austin.

Search for parks by amenity and facility. Need to find a park with a restroom and a barbecue pit?

Started at ATX Hack For Change 2015.

Inspired by

Developed and open sourced by volunteers for Open Austin.…/id1022734155?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2015-07-31 21:47:30
Version: 0.1.0
Seller: Createch Consulting LLC
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Tous les circuits sont testés pour garantir de la fiabilité du GPS avant d’être approuvés.

Cette application est travaillée avec le plus grand respect des circuits de randonnées départementaux.

Et si…
Vous découvriez le pays de la fée CARABOSSE…
Située à 25 km à l’est de Redon…
Propice aux randonnées pédestres (pour tous les niveaux)…

Guémené-Penfao est une ville authentique et très surprenante…

La vallée du Don vous dévoile toutes ces richesses.
Le rocher des amoureux ou encore celui de la non moins célèbre fée Carabosse.

Selon la légende, une célèbre fée aurait été figée en roche dans la vallée.

Vous verrez des châteaux, des chapelles sacrées, des ruines, des vues panoramiques exceptionnelles, des voies romaines quasi-intactes, traverserez légendes et magies, longerez le Don, traverserez bois et forêts.

Cette application est un outil de précision impressionnant, étudié au plus simple pour garantir d’un confort optimal sur le terrain.

Votre sécurité est notre priorité.

Des circuits (faciles et difficile) sont adaptés selon le niveau de chacun.

Vous passerez des moments vraiment authentiques.

Détail de l’application

– Histoires racontées

– Photos de la région

Parcours GPS:

– Tracé du circuit précis et testé sur place pour votre sécurité

– Marquage des points d’intérêts

– Itinéraire: pour vous diriger vers le point de stationnement

– la carte est équipé d’un bouton d’urgence

– Raccourcie photo pour un souvenir inoubliable.…/id1010197070?mt=8&uo=4

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Updated: 2017-07-19 18:32:59
Version: 3.1.7
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Geocaching Treasure Hunt

Welcome to your next team adventure, Geocaching!
Using GPS technology and effective team work, you must locate the mysterious hidden treasure!

Your mission is complicated as the hidden treasure is at a secret location and can only be found by locating a series of caches. In each cache you will find clues that must be deciphered to reveal your next waypoint location.

To find your treasure you may have to walk, drive, cycle, kayak or even rock climb! We customise the event to suit your requirements.

Your mission may take you on a journey through time and history or through the deep dark forest or National Park. You may even need to take an adventure out onto the ocean to retrieve your treasure!
Are you and your team up for the challenge?

How it works
Teams will be given an event brief and then sent off to find the Treasure.
As they find caches and complete challenges, they are given further instructions allowing them to find further clues.
The treasure hunt must be completed within the required time frame, with the winning team being the one to find the treasure first!

Being successful in your mission
For your team to be successful in its mission to find the hidden treasure, it will have to;
• Learn and apply new skills and knowledge
• Communicate effectively
• Work interdependently and collaboratively as a team
• Interpret information and problem solve…/id1022727623?mt=8&uo=4

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Updated: 2015-08-13 00:42:57
Version: 1.1
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Benieuwd wat er te doen is in jouw studentenstad? Je hebt de juiste app gevonden.

– Informatie van meer dan 20 studenten steden.
– Handige tips zoals waar je makkelijk goede kamers kunt vinden.
– GPS navigatie en mogelijkheid direct de locatie te bellen vanuit de app.
En nog veel meer!

De app wordt je aangeboden door Grandoni Media.…/id1021353980?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2015-07-31 16:31:24
Updated: 2016-02-11 02:47:48
Version: 1.0.3
Seller: Jeroen Maas (BlackThunder)
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Cityscoot is the first rental service designed for free access electric scooters in Paris, offering to everyone a smooth and brand new way of travelling freely in the city! Using Cityscoot also means you support your town: reduce road congestion, less noise and more fresh air!

An electric scooter when you want, with no commitment
No need for a subscription to use Cityscoot! You only pay when you ride it. You are free to make a daily use out of it in order to lower your travelling time or you can just grab one when you feel like it!

It’s all in your smartphone!
In one glance, locate an available scooter and visualize its autonomy,
In one instant, select and book the scooter,
In one second, unlock it using the code given,
In one click, end your rental!

Rent with no key, no card, no charge point!
The booking system developed by Cityscoot is entirely innovative and completely connected: no keys, no magnetic card, no booking / recharge terminal…
The 4-digit PIN code sent by the App is enough to unlock the scooter!
To return it and put an end to your rental, you only have to park the scooter on a public space authorized for motorized two-wheelers in the Cityscoot Zone.

An electric scooter always charged up!
You will never have to worry about plugging the scooter… Cityscoot takes care of everything! Cityscoot belongs to the L1E category (which equals a 5Occ thermal model), whose speed is limited for an urban use to 45 km/h. With it, no abrupt start nor jolts!

Ready to go!
The adjustable helmet and one time use bonnet are provided in the Cityscoot and you are all-risks insured.
You’re all set!

Notice that the background use of the app could significantly reduce your smartphone’s battery life.
Cityscoot will automatically turn off the GPS functionality after a certain amount of time.…/id1011202160?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2015-07-31 14:27:15
Updated: 2017-10-13 19:38:41
Version: 2.1.2
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Общественный транспорт

Мобильное приложение «Общественный транспорт» администрации муниципального образования город Краснодар

Приложение предназначено для жителей и гостей города Краснодара. С помощью этого приложения Вы сможете получать актуальную информацию о движении городского общественного транспорта:
– маршруты общественного транспорта;
– расписание и места остановок общественного транспорта;
– прогноз прибытия, на основании актуальных сведений, полученных от датчиков ГЛОНАСС.
Также приложение позволяет найти наиболее оптимальный маршрут, по которому можно добраться из любой точки города до пункта назначения, рассчитать время в пути и количество остановок и пересадок, узнать тарифы на проезд в том или ином виде транспорта.

* Длительное использование GPS в фоновом режиме может значительно сократить время работы от аккумулятора…/id989832990?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2015-07-31 13:23:47
Updated: 2016-02-11 22:08:22
Version: 1.31
Seller: Krasnodar City Administration (Администрация г.Краснодара)
Size: 11.49 MB

Triber Realtime GPS compass

Triber is the first mobile compass app indicating you the distance and direction to follow, in realtime, to find your friends, family and colleagues everywhere: in festivals, during sport events, in the street or on the beach.

• Locate your friends and find them easily and anywhere thanks to Triber’s compass or with the map
• Perfect for music festivals and sport events
• Keep the control of your visibility, you are notified each time a friend wants to find you
• Share meeting points with your friends in a blink !
• Stop losing your friends in the events we partnered with !
• Free app
• Send messages without leaving the app

No longer « where are you ? », just send a notification to your friends, family or colleagues to be guided towards them in real time, share meeting points with them so that everybody is guided to the exact same point thanks to the compass. It’s fast, it’s simple an dit’s instantaneous !

With Triber, no risk to be spied, each user is notified that his/her friends want to find him/her, the location can not be obtained without the permission, and the guiding can be stopped anytime by tapping on « Stop guiding ».

Besides, Triber works even better when the Wifi is on, along with the GPS 😉

We work very hard to partner with great music festival and sport events so that you can join their Tribe on Triber, and be easily guided towards their points of interest without resorting to the event map, and interact in real time with the events and its best spots. For free for you, obviously.
On our side, we work with them to locate and memorize the GPS locations of the best spots of the event, on your side, you just have to join their Tribe to be notified and guided easily ! Keep your eyes open, we are never far 😉

To sum things up, to find your friends, share meeting points with them, Triber is THE killer free location tool, the first compass app, both simple, fast and fun that will save your life during music festivals for instance. Triber is truly the community compass that will enable you to be guided to your friends, family and colleagues, and if need be, you can use the map, but it’s less funny 🙂

Join the Tribe, we are more and more numerous each day, we are now only waiting for you. Obvisouly we also love to share on the app with you guys, receive your (constructive) criticisms, your suggestions and brilliant ideas, that’s how we get better and better !

Disclaimer : Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.…/id1008746346?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN, FR
Released: 2015-07-31 13:21:18
Updated: 2017-10-16 15:12:26
Version: 3.0.3
Seller: Pixelium
Size: 49.72 MB

Fleck Parking

With Fleck, parking is simple. We think it’s even kind of fun. You can find the perfect parking space that fits all of your needs in minutes, without even putting your pants on! And while you’re parked in the 2nd best parking space in the world, why not brighten someone else’s day by blessing them with the best parking space that has ever existed–yours. Fleck is here to help you make the world a better place and make a little extra cash while you’re at it. Since, on average, 30% of traffic in the city is from people searching for parking, listing your space on Fleck will help ease congestion and decrease pollution in your community. You’ll also make someone’s day a whole lot better.

How It Works:

To register a parking space:
1. Type the location of your space.
2. Choose the time when it will be available.
3. Define how much you would like to charge for your space.
4. Now for the fun part: Add a photo (or twelve) of glamour shots from your last photo shoot with your driveway.
5. You’re all set! You will be notified when a lucky Fleckee wants to rent your space!
6. If you wish, you may message the Fleckee to go over any specific details.
7. Awesome! You just got paid for having a slab of cement in front of your house! Life is great!
*You can add as you have available, and can manage them easily through the app*

To find a parking space:
1. Tell us when and where you would like to park, and we’ll show you all of your options complete with descriptions, photos, and amenities for different spaces.
2. Choose the space which tickles your fancy the most.
3. Reserve the space (your card won’t be charged until your car is safe in its space).
4. Optional bonus step: message the space owner and let them know how excited you are.
5. Park!
6. With all the time you’ve saved, go get yourself a massage or tell all your friends how great Fleck is!
7. Later, tell us all about your experience.…/id1014992011?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN, ES
Released: 2015-07-31 09:30:50
Updated: 2016-07-02 16:52:12
Version: 1.2.7
Seller: Fleck Corporation
Size: 24.52 MB