Aalborg City

Kør aldrig mere forgæves efter en p-plads i Aalborg City! Aalborg City’s app er en p-app, der giver dig information om ledige p-pladser i Aalborg City. Med udgangspunkt i din placering vil den give dig information om de nærmeste ledige p-pladser og mulighed for at blive guidet dertil. App’en giver dig også med grønne, gule og røde markeringer en pejling på, om hvor fyldte p-pladserne er. Derudover vil du løbende gennem app’en få nyheder og gode tilbud fra Aalborg City.


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Updated: 2017-10-26 22:24:21
Version: 1.2
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Pendler hjälper stockholmare med trafikinformation och störningar utifrån var man bor, jobbar och har möten under dagen. Integrera mot din kalender för att få reseförslag för planerade möten. Du kan även via appen meddela om du blir sen till mötesdeltagarna.


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Yoho National Park

* Universal compact app for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 5 / iPhone / iPod / iPad

YOHO NATIONAL PARK with attractions, museums, restaurants, bars, hotels, theaters and shops with TRAVELER REVIEWS and RATINGS, pictures, rich travel info, prices and opening hours.

OFFLINE MAP & LOCATION-BASED NAVIGATION – Have the guide locate you on the map and show you the best route to each destination by subway or foot.

Discover what’s on and places to visit in Yoho National Park with our new cool app. Your guide to top attractions, shopping malls / locations, finding hotels, directions to hotels & Bars, Restaurants. An all-in-one app for all the local attractions.

Our travel guide to Yoho National Park, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, travel tips and more.

Highlights :

◆ Yoho National Park Info – Overview, Climate, Geography, History and Travel Information.

◆ Attractions – Ancient Sites, Beaches, Botanical Gardens, Coffee Farms, Museums, Scenic Drives, Towns, Waterfalls, Religious and Historical Sites Etc.

◆ Hotels – From Luxury Hotels to Budget Accommodations. Reviews, Price comparison, Gallery, Map, Search, Amenities, Address and more.

◆ Restaurants – An insider’s guide to the best places to eat in Yoho National Park, including fine dining restaurants, tapas bars and top spots for lunch, search by cuisine, price, location, and more.

◆ Map – It is an interactive map and get turn by turn driving directions. Find traffic details, road conditions, street maps, Multi map, satellite photos, and aerial maps. Allow you to easily search and find local businesses with directions.

◆ Gallery – Picture galleries of Yoho National Park’s most beautiful sights, interesting events, unusual occasions and more.

◆ POI Search – Search everything at Yoho National Park.

Airport, ATM, Bank, Bars, Beauty Salon, Bus Station, Cafe, Campground, Car Wash, Department Store, Doctor, Fire Station, Food, Gas Station, Hospital, Library,Lodging, Mosque, Movies, Museum, Park, Parking, Pharmacy, Pizza, Police, Shopping, Stadium, Taxi, Train Station, Travel Agency, University, Zoo.


Enter any keyword or name to search

Find Name, address, distance, route map, call, directions to every business location. Sharing option available.

◆ Translator – Supports 52 languages, Large text Translation.

◆ World Clock – All major cities of the world (1000 Cities).


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UW Ceremony

UW Ceremony is the official application for events at the University of Washington and 2015 Commencement.
On June 13, 2015, the University of Washington will honor the graduating class of 2015 at the University’s 140th Commencement Exercises. 5,000 graduates will take the field at the magnificent new Husky Stadium to the cheers and applause of 40,000 family members and friends. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime event in the lives of graduates and parents alike – an experience not to be missed.

Use UW Ceremony to take full advantage of your commencement experience. Whether you’re a graduating student or their guest, UW Ceremony can help you get around through interactive maps of the UW Campus and Husky Stadium. Get recommended driving directions to assigned parking lots. Once you arrive on campus, get walking directions to Husky Stadium and over 100 other ceremonies on campus. Receive alerts of late breaking news before, during, and after the ceremony. Share your experience with the Husky community using Tagboard and check out what others have shared.


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Updated: 2015-06-09 21:57:02
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HKS OB-LINK TYPE-FA20 extracts vehicle data from the On Board Diagnostics port (OBD) and sends it via Bluetooth to an iOS device (Tablet/Smartphone, etc.).
Carscope FA20 is an application only for those customers who have bought HKS OB-LINK TYPE-FA20.

Carscope FA20 is the application which displays 29 kinds of vehicles data received by HKS OB-LINK TYPE-FA20.

〇29 kinds of vehicle data
Engine Load, Fuel Pressure, Atalyst Temperature, Exhaust Temperature, Target AF Ratio, Actual AF ratio, Knock Learning Correction, Knock Control Value, Right and Left G, Back and Forth G, Yawrate, Breake(treading stress), Steering Rudder Angle, Battery Volt, Outside Air Temperature, Speed, Engine RPM, Water Temperature, Ignition Timing, AF Correction Value, AF Learning Value, Airflow, Intake air Temperature, Throttle, Intake Manifold Pressure, Injection Time, Accelerator Angle, Engine Oil Temperature, Gear position(AT).

29 kinds of vehicle data in real time View are expressed as various designs, such as analog meter, a graph, and a list.

You can try the Demo-mode version of CarscopeFA20 before you buy OB-LINK TYPE-FA20.
[Menu]->[Setting]->[Demo mode]
This application displays several kinds of vehicle information received by OB-LINK TYPE-FA20 in real-time with a variety of designs.
-Display vehicle information
-Real-time meter
-HKS historical meter design
※Do not use, operate, or look at your iOS device and CarscopeFA20 while driving. Please use CarscopeFA20 responsibly after stopping your car in a safe place.
※It may become very hot in a car depending on weather conditions (especially in places like a dashboard which is exposed to direct sunlight). Therefore, you must use your iOS device under the appropriate conditions (e.g., the appropriate ranges of temperature and humidity) stated in the manual of your iOS device. Using, placing, or leaving your iOS device under very hot conditions might cause deformation, breakdown, battery leakage, explosion, heat-generation, fire, and deterioration of performance and/or life of the device. In addition, heat from the device might cause burns on your skin.
※Your iOS device might consume more battery power than usual in using CarscopeFA20.
※Vehicle data is stored on storage media such as an SD card in your iOS device. Vehicle data cannot be stored without such storage media.
※CarscopeFA20 requires an iOS device with iOS (Version 6.1 or later) and Bluetooth function (SPP profile). WE DO NOT WARRANT THAT CarscopeFA20 WILL WORK ON EVERY KIND OF IOS DEVICE.
※Depending on the Bluetooth connection, the vehicle data might not be displayed or stored correctly.
※Do not leave your iOS device in your car. When you get out of your car, be sure to take it with you.
※Be careful that your iOS device does not drop or move from its installation site while you are driving.
※Take care not to allow the power cord to interfere with your driving while using your iOS device.
※Do not use CarscopeFA20 close to infants or small children.
※CarscopeFA20 might frequently access the Internet; therefore, we suggest that you to sign up for flat-rate access services to the Internet for greater savings with respect to your packet communication fee.


Price: Free
Languages: EN, JA
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Updated: 2016-05-14 00:41:45
Version: 1.08
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マップルナビ for HUD

マップルナビ for HUDはGARMIN HUDとBluetoothで接続して使う本格カーナビゲーションアプリです。

GARMIN HUDはマップルナビの走行レーン情報、案内地点までの距離、案内方向、到着予想時刻、走行速度を専用の反射レンズに大きく見やすく表示します。
GARMIN HUDはダッシュボードの上に簡単に設置でき、視線を正面に向けたまま案内を瞬時に見ることができるので、安心して運転できます。

・本アプリはGARMIN HUD日本版にBluetooth接続することでご利用になれます。
 GARMIN HUD日本版をお持ちでないお客様はご利用出来ませんのでご注意ください。
 また、海外向けのGARMIN HUDではご利用いただけませんのでご注意ください。
 詳しくはGARMIN HUDに同梱の操作マニュアルをご覧ください。
・iPod touchではご利用いただけませんのでご注意ください。

マップルナビ for HUDは地図をまるごとダウンロードするため、突然通信が途切れてしまってもそのままお使いいただけます。


GARMIN HUDをご購入いただいてから2016年の春データまで、年2回(春・秋)の地図データ更新が無料で付いてきます。
※バージョン 2.3.2データが最終更新となります。



・本アプリは、iOS7.0以降のiPhone 6s Plus,6s,6 Plus,6,5s,5c,5,4sに対応しております。iPhone4,iPhone3Gs,iPhone3G及びiPod touch、iPad、iPad miniではご使用頂けません。


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Updated: 2017-06-27 00:03:42
Version: 2.3.3
Seller: Shobunsha Publications, Inc.
Size: 2.43 GB

Leave It Better CC

Leave It Better CC is an initiative of Solid Waste Services to ensure the public health and beautification of the city of Corpus Christi for collection and disposal of residential trash, household hazardous waste, brush, yard waste, and recyclables in a managed format that is timely, safe, efficient and environmentally responsible.

When you are out in public, and whether the litter is yours or not, pick it up. Leave it better than you found it.


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Updated: 2015-01-12 21:12:47
Version: 1.5.3
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Me Here Where You

** Note: To continue to use the Me Here Where You app all users need to upgrade to 1.1.6 or above. Thanks 🙂

Me Here Where You is a fun app to help your geographically challenged friends and family find their way to your location easily.

Now you can also message your friends and send/receive files from within the Me Here Where You app as well as connection with your friends directly from your chat sessions.

“Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”

To use Me Here Where you, follow these steps:

1. Check that your friend(s) you want to connect with using Me Here Where You is already added in your Contacts. If your friend(s) are not in your Contacts then add your friend(s)’s phone number (please make sure you include the country phone area code as Me Here Where You is global and some countries use similar phone numbers, but with different area codes) and name into your Contacts before you start (most people will be connecting with friends and family who are already in their Contacts). If you don’t add the country phone number code to your Contacts, the Me Here Where You app will assign the country code your phone is registered by default. If your Contact doesn’t show in the MHWY list, then you can go to your Contacts and check that you have added the country phone code to the number. Once updated, you close the Me Here Where You app down and then open it again so that the app will update your Contacts with Me Here Where You.

2. Then download the Me Here Where You app and register by selecting your country and entering your cell/mobile phone number.

3. After registering you will be taken to a page to enter the PIN code that will come by SMS to the cell/mobile phone number you registered your account with. Enter the PIN code and also enter your name.

If you can not receive the SMS, please click +17142940300 beneath the ‘Join Now’ button and send a 4-6 digits code of your own, then use that code to complete your registration.

4. You will then see a quick introduction to the basic features of the app. Click or slide through these and then click Get Started.

5. You will then be taken to the main screen that shows a map. In the top left corner there is an ‘Add New’ button. Click on ‘Add New’ to start a new group, you will be taken to your Contacts list. If the person you are trying to locate is already a Me Here Where You user, they will show under the MHWY tab. If they are not a MHWY user, they will show in the All tab. If the person isn’t a Me Here Where You user then you can send them an Invite by SMS.

Once the user you want to connect with has registered and activated their account with the PIN code sent to them by SMS you will be able to select this user and any other Me Here Where You users in the MHWY tab.

If you cannot see the user in your MHWY contact list close the app completely and restart the app.

6.Click ‘Done’ in the top right corner and you will be taken to the map page. The user(s) you invited to the group will be notified and you will see them once they approve your invitation to the group.

7.If you want to create a separate group to connect with a different set of friends you can click on the ‘Add New’ button in the top left corner of the Map screen and follow the steps in point 5 above.

You initiate chats from either the map screen or in the top right navigation by selecting Messages or Groups. In the map screen click on the (i) and then the message symbol. In Messages or Groups you can select an existing message or click on New in the top right corner.

Enjoy 🙂

Email info@meherewhereyou.com for more info.


Price: Free
Languages: NL, EN, FR, DE, IT, JA, KO, PT, RU, ZH, ES, TR
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Updated: 2017-10-26 01:52:16
Version: 1.1.13
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ACUKWIK Managers’ World Edition

The ACUKWIK Managers’ World Edition app now offers one year of access to ACUKWIK’s most comprehensive print resource as a convenient eBook. The Managers’ World Edition eBook is based on the larger full-color desktop resource for booking services at locations worldwide. The Managers Edition combines the data found in both the North American and International ACUKWIK print directories as well as local hotel listings for all locations plus more than 400 airport diagrams and an expanded clearances section. It is specifically designed for schedulers and dispatchers and air cargo operators to easily find airport information and the services available at each location. But now as an eBook for the iPad, pilots can also enjoy this expanded compilation resource on the go.


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Updated: 2016-10-18 06:25:08
Version: 1.3.1
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Navily – Your mobile cruising guide

Sail Smarter with Navily!
FIND THE PERFECT ANCHORING SPOT: Discover more than 5000 anchoring spots shared by the community and share yours now! BOOK YOUR BERTH ONLINE in marinas in France, Italy and Spain.

With almost 25,000 users worldwide, Navily is the ideal companion for all your boat trips:
Find the best anchoring spots: Discover more than 5000 anchorages shared by our community with photos, information on depth, seabed and wind protection. Share your own experience by adding your PinPoints on the map with your photos and comments in just a few clicks.

Calculate the price at a marina and book: Navily partners with marinas to provide information updated in real time by the marinas themselves with a full pricelist, operating hours, events and tourist attractions, services and facilities. Send your booking request directly to the marina and they will reply within 24h.

Mooring fields: Share with the community your experience and knowledge on mooring fields by ranking fields on quality, atmosphere, and prices. Add your photos and discover the photos of other users.

NEW IN 2016 Medium/long term berth requests: If you are searching for a berth to put your boat during the winter, simply send your request to the marina of your choice through Navily and we’ll forward it with your profile to the marina.

Communities are spreading rapidly and sharing has always been at the heart of the sailing and yachting community. We developed Navily with the wish to provide the boating community the digital tools it deserves.

Additional functionalities:
– Easily navigate from one spot to the next by sliding right or left
– Create and manage your wishlists to plan your future boat trips
– Calculate the price for your boat at any moment of the year
– Filter PinPoints on the map to find the perfect anchoring spot (filter by wind and swell protection, type of seabed and facilities ashore)

Navily is also available in French, Spanish and Italian.

Any ideas on how we can improve the community? Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share your stories with us, we are passionate about what we do!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/navilyApp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/navilyapp
Instagram: http://instagram.com/navilyapp


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Languages: EN, FR, DE, IT, ES
Released: 2014-05-29 19:08:29
Updated: 2017-08-04 07:05:59
Version: 3.3.2
Seller: CKC-Net
Size: 37.33 MB