Park It

Park It enables users to find out where they parked their vehicles. Tap on the Save Parking Button at your parking spot. Return to the app when ready to find parking location. Park It will show users details, maps, and provide walking directions to the parking spot.…/id692982006?mt=8&uo=4

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History Map Australia

The history of Australia is filled with crucial events and cultural advances. Battles decided the fate of nations, wars rewrote the continent’s maps, protests rocked governments, natural disasters afflicted the people, great inventions improved everyday life and new arts brought enjoyment and expression to the peoples of Australia.
History Map Australia allows you to create and share historical events in real time.
Find a historical event locations with Apple Maps and spoken turn-by-turn navigation.
– create and share your own historical event
– synchronization
– showing locations of historical events
– Facebook and Twitter integration
– display a Map in different styles (Standard, Satellite, Hybrid)
– sharing location of spots
– daily updated locations
– showing user’s location…/id692733800?mt=8&uo=4

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• 位置情報を取得して現在地の標高を計測
• 地図上の中心点の標高を計測
• 地図上にピンを刺して場所と時間を記録
• 2点間の標高差と距離を計測


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AL Outdoor Guide-Pocket Ranger

The Official Outdoor Alabama Fishing & Wildlife Guide was created in a collaborative effort between the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and ParksByNature Network™.

Gain access to useful information in the palm of your hand. This innovative outdoor guide, powered by Pocket Ranger® technology, brings the wilderness to your fingertips and helps you plan the perfect adventure in the great outdoors. You will be able to locate Alabama’s fishing and wilderness sites and gain immediate access to on-the-spot species profiles, rules and regulations, and important permits and licensing details.

Advanced GPS technology enhances any trek through the woods, allowing you to record trails and use waypoints and photo waypoints to mark traps and keep track of wildlife sightings. With the app’s “Nearest Me” feature, uncover which wildlife resource management areas or public fishing areas are closest to you, so you can embark on your adventure right away. With the Outdoor AL Fishing & Wildlife Guide in your pocket, you’ll be able to spend more time fishing and wildlife viewing and less time trying to recall details from memory.

Pocket Ranger® provides plenty of other standard features and advanced GPS technology to maximize any outdoor excursion:

•Places to fish
•Species profiles
•Rules and regulations
•License and permit information
•Safety communication tool
•Advanced GPS mapping features
•Cache map tiles for offline use
•Record tracks, distance and time
•Mark waypoints and photo waypoints
•Recall, post or share saved data
•Accuracy and distance indicator
•Friend Finder feature that allows users to keep track of friends and family along the way
•Built-in compass to help users navigate
•Real-time calendar of events
•News and advisories
•Potentially life-saving Alert feature that supplies users’ GPS coordinates to designated contacts in case of an emergency.

With essential fishing and wildlife viewing information at your fingertips, prepare to experience Alabama’s backcountry like never before.

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•The enhanced features on the app are designed to function in areas with little to no mobile reception; however, some of the features require mobile data reception in order to function properly.

•Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.…/id683329608?mt=8&uo=4

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Outdoor GPS map

Offline topographical maps of Finland and Norway. Downloaded maps can be used without network connection.

Jahtikartta includes
• GPS position
• compass, navigation using compass
• detailed topographical maps of Finland and Norway
• road maps, maps of Estonia
• importing hunting areas from Oma riista service
• saving POIs, navigating to POIs
• saving routes
• draw and measure routes and areas
• routes and markers sharing via GPX file by e-mail
• geographical names database (in app purchase)

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.…/id690379662?mt=8&uo=4

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GPS Connect

GPS Connect is a GPS based compass app in which you can set any target location and get the direction towards the target location. You can see your friends location and their status on the map. Also you can set your friends location as target and get direction towards that. In addition you can get route, accurate speed, accurate gps location, distance, etc,.
This is the only app which is showing direction towards your friends location. You can share your stored locations with your friends and can communicate with your friends while traveling. It will make your travel easy! It is free only!! Just download it!!!

Usability: Simple and easy to use.
Navigate: Get GPS direction using our compass for wherever you want to go.
GPS Accuracy: Gives you very accurate GPS location.
Driving Route: Shows correct route on the map to your target location which makes your travel easy with the help of our GPS compass.
GPS Distance: Gives you very accurate distance to the target location from your current location
Driving Speed: You can get very accurate speed through our compass page.
Friends connect: It connects you with your friends. Showing friends location and status. And direction towards them. Can share your stored location with your friends.

* Add locations by making long press on ‘maps’ page.
* Make active any of the target locations(to which you need direction) on the ‘locations’ page.
* To add friends, Select ‘Friends’ tab -> then ‘My Friends’ button on top -> And search for friends by using search option there.
* Send friend requests and ask your friends to accept that.

Thats all! Our compass will show the direction to the target location which you set. Yes. It also shows the driving route to the target place which helps you while traveling. Its very simple!! Just try it!!!!…/id602068987?mt=8&uo=4

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Mars Maps

Mars Map is an interactive 2D atlas of Mars with surface features and contour maps. Browse and zoom the Mars
landing area of all NASA rovers including Viking 1 & 2 Landers, Pathfinder, Spirit Opportunity, and Curiosity. Get all locations of all 12 rovers landed on mars by USA, UK and Russia.

Map support adding custom waypoints by double tapping on the map to add custom waypoints and single tap on the marker will remove if off the map.

For more information visit or contact us at iphone at…/id674833435?mt=8&uo=4

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This app together with the guard2me© watch provided by LOSTnFOUND allows the wearer of the watch to reveal his GPS coordinates to any one, previously defined. guard2me© is ideal for keeping your loved one safe in the event of an emergency.

With this app you control the settings of guard2me© and you are able to see in an emergency the location of the watch wearer and receive alerts directly on your mobile.

guard2me© doesn’t rely on GPS technology alone but also utilizes the mobile network by using an advanced technology called Cell Location which will help to locate your family member even in an area of poor signal or indoors. guard2me© has a unique agreement with world wide mobile providers that allows it to operate seamlessly in 145 countries and will not result in any additional roaming charges as it automatically switches networks.

guard2me© primarily works as a location device but it also carries a number of fantastic features that will help you protect your family members. guard2me©’s intelligent G-Sensor will recognize if they have suffered a fall and immediately send you a text message or push notification. When a fall has occurred or the SOS Button has been pressed the guard2me© watch will display important information that you choose such as medial information, blood type, medications that they are taking or emergency contact details. This is vital if paramedics or members of the public find your loved one they can use this to help attend to them.

To learn more about guard2me© and the watch, please visit…/id681101733?mt=8&uo=4

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