Pagine Baby is the App that tells you immediately see everything around you and that can be useful if you have children or you are waiting, the search engine geo-localized Pagine Baby select schools, health services, sports facilities , shops and all facilities for leisure – from museums and Entertainment Centres, schools for extra-curricular activities, parks, and many useful addresses in difficult situations or emergencies.

You can expand the scope of research on the settings, select places and cities other than the place where you live, or carry out targeted searches by keyword or by selecting the category you are interested.

Baby Pages gives you the opportunity to interact with the data if you are the owner of the facility, to add information and photos, or to incorporate new structures with Append.

Please check-in at places you visit and share on your Facebook wall to enter the circuit Pagine Baby.…/id573836738?mt=8&uo=4

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Track My Commute Free

Track my Commute turns your iPhone into a trip recorder that allows you to compare, categorize, and share your daily commutes (or any other trip you want). You can start and end your trip with one click and easily see key statistics or compare it to past trips. You can also group your trips into categories and compare different categories to each other.

Need to send someone directions for a trip you’ve recorded? Download the Pro version of the App from the App Store. The pro version allows you to share your trip via email and will allow your friends to see your trip information along with the route.…/id588726492?mt=8&uo=4

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Track My Commute Pro

Track my Commute turns your iPhone into a trip recorder that allows you to compare, categorize, and share your daily commutes (or any other trip you want).

You can start and end your trip with one click and easily see key statistics or compare it to past trips. You can also group your trips into categories and compare different categories to each other.

Need to send someone directions for a trip you’ve recorded? You can simply share your trip via email and they will see your trip information along with the route.…/id588351273?mt=8&uo=4

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MX Social Maps

MX Social maps gives you Offline Maps for Mexico City and a Social place to know people from Mexico or that are interested in Mexico.
This is ideal for travelers looking to meet not only Mexico places but also other travelers or Mexico locals.

What does it give you?
– Offline Maps of Mexico. Vectorial maps with great definition and 3d options.
– Forum: Ask questions about Mexico places, events, things to do
– Online Chat & Users: Meet new people that also have the app and send them instant messages to meet them. There is also the chat room where you can meet people there.
– Offline Routing give you routes calculations inside Mexico city. (optional)
– Offline search for streets (optional)

If you have any question just let us know at
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FindYourWay@Essex is a campus navigator to help students, staff and visitors find their way around the University of Essex campuses. The app provides indoor and outdoor, building-to-building, multi-floor navigation and includes provisions for accessible routes. Additional information about key locations can be obtained by touching the map or searching the menus.

In conjunction with the University’s disabled access forum, the flexible routing capabilities have been used to ensure appropriate paths are selected for impaired mobility users. On occasions when paths or facilties (eg lifts or stairs) are closed, the system automatically takes this into account when calculating the best path.

Obtain useful travel advice on the various means of getting to and from the campuses including real-time bus and train information, directions to the relevant bus stop or train station, local cycle and walking routes in addition to taxi and car share information.

Events occurring in and around the campuses together with other useful information is also consolidated within the app.

Please use the feedback form within the settings menu to send us any issues, suggestions or comments for the next release.

Summary of Key Features:

Quick search: shows the location of any room or facility on campus with extra information options for key locations.
Directions: Navigation given to any location from any point on campus with the route plotted on the campus map and floor plans. Stair-free routing can be selected prior to running a search. Navigation is also given to and from off campus locations such as student residences, bus stops and train stations.
Travel: Obtain live bus and train times for services in Colchester. View taxi pickup points and telephone numbers. Find out about other means of travel in and around Colchester such as cycling and walking as well information about travel options to and from airports. Links to the University car share scheme can also be found here.
Search by Category: Departments, teaching rooms, facilities and amenities, student residences, transport, advice and support.
Layers: Locations of services and facilities such as eating places, lifts, toilets, bus stops and taxi pick-up points can be selected and the relevant icons will be displayed on the map indicating their position. Further information such as opening times, photos and links to location web sites can be obtained by touching the icon.
Browse floor plans by selecting relevant floor.
Send directions by email to visitors guiding them to their destination on campus. The directions can be viewed on a mobile device or web browser using the web-app version of FindYourWay@Essex.
Events: University events details can be viewed and can be listed by date, category and venue. Navigation is given to the venue hosting the event.
Share: Any location can be shared by using the “share” option to e-mail a link which will open the app (if installed) or the web version giving directions to the shared location.
Switch between Colchester and Southend Campuses…/id583445484?mt=8&uo=4

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LON Next Bus

A simple, but straightforward, location based application that identifies London TFL bus stops and tube stations with next bus and train arrival information. Location can be determined by location services, or by your own map navigation.

Data provided by Transport for London.

In-app purchase available to remove ads.…/id586244797?mt=8&uo=4

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Smart Auto Tracker

Smart Finder works with Value Platforms’ Bluetooth LE “Faster Finder Tag”.

Locate your car inside a crowded car park is as easy as walking to your own desk in your office. Just bring out your iPhone 4s or latest iPhone 5 and tap on the Smart Finder App, the location of your car will be shown in a map.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.…/id569800266?mt=8&uo=4

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Routes is a route tracking app designed for driving instructors. Use it to record your routes for each pupil. You can scroll through previous routes to see where you have been and where you have not. Tap a button to see all the roads you have covered with your pupil. Routes is optimised for iPad and iPhone and can run in the background so you don’t have to have your device on while it’s working.

HOW TO USE ROUTES: Open Routes when you’re ready to begin the lesson and are waiting for your pupil to arrive at the car. If you’ve already added the pupil to the app, select them from the pupil list. If you haven’t added the pupil, tap the “+” button and either enter the pupil’s name or select them from your contacts. With the pupil selected, you can review any previously recorded routes for this pupil. Tap the “New” button to add a new route. Routes will find your location and show it on the map. Once your briefing is done and you’re ready to move off, tap the “Start” button to begin recording. You can now put your device to sleep and Routes will continue working in the background.

At the end of the lesson, tap the “Stop” button and confirm you want to stop recording and save the route. Once you’ve stopped, you can use the “Options” button to continue recording the route, to pinpoint your current location on the map, or to delete the route. If you have more than one saved route for this pupil, you can use the “↑” and “↓” buttons to scroll through them or tap the “All” button to view a composite of all the routes you have recorded for this pupil.

Routes requires a device with GPS capability. To run this app on an iPad, your iPad needs to have a cellular (3G or 4G) connection.…/id588203177?mt=8&uo=4

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The NaviCard app is a unique application which offers navigation to your destination based on photos. It can lead you to any location if you have an appropriate photo of it. You can also use your own photos stored in your “Photos” folder. You can use it find your way back to your car in a parking lot, or anywhere where you have taken a photo. The NaviCard app also works together with several other navigation applications. The NaviCard app can navigate you to your destination based on a printed photo, an on-screen photo and a digital photo. You can scan photos containing the NaviCard code using your device’s camera from any media. Photograph based navigation is quick, accurate, and convenient. Photo based navigation is the ideal solution for a number of navigation tasks.

• Navigation using the NaviCard card
• Navigation using printed photos containing a code
• Navigation using on-screen photos containing a code
• Navigation using NaviCard stamps

• Navigation using various objects containing a NaviCard code on the surface
• Navigation using images stored in the “Photos” folder
• Navigation using videos stored in the “Photos” folder

Compatible online navigation applications:

• Maps (Apple)
• Google Maps
• Waze

Compatible online map with a satellite view:

• Location (Apple)
• Google Map

Compatible offline navigation applications:

• Off road
• TomTom


• Sygic

• iGO

The NaviCard app is extremely simple to use. After downloading, tap on the (i) icon in the bottom right corner of the start page. Here, you can learn all you need on how to use it. You can also view the same user manual at Visit to learn more about creating NaviCard cards and NaviCard stamps.…/id586639920?mt=8&uo=4

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