ABM Parking Services

ABM Parking Services provides a free app with detailed directions to nearby ABM Parking locations. Save time and money by locating the most convenient parking location without having to drive around.

The ABM Parking Services app includes comprehensive parking information including hours of operation, rates, entrance points and payment types; all on a real-time basis.

ABM Parking Services is one of the largest parking operators in the United States serving the majority of major metropolitan markets.

The ABM Parking Services app features the following robust functionality:

– Rate Calculator: Set duration and determine parking charges in advance.
– Parking Timer: For metered or time-zoned parking areas, the app will notify you when your time has expired and guide you back to where you parked your vehicle.
– Directions: Once you have located your desired parking facility, you will be provided detailed directions to the facility entrance point; a major time saver!

The ABM Parking Services app is powered by ParkMe (www.ParkMe.com).


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Languages: EN, DE, PT
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Updated: 2016-11-30 02:09:22
Version: 4.12.0
Seller: INRIX, Inc (INRIX, Inc.)
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What’s On My Boat?

What’s on my Boat™ has always been one of our most popular apps

Now, it has just got even better!

In response to feedback from customers, we have added Spotlight search, included a separate search function in the filter page and changed the design to increase legibility and ease of use

What’s on my Boat™ lets you

• Know what you’ve got aboard
• Know where things are
• See what they look like
• Filter by Locations, Categories and Lists

Looking for something on your boat? At the chandler and can’t remember what it was you wanted? Not sure in which of the many cubbyholes you stored that spare filter?

Now you can forget about propping up the saloon cushion with your head and sorting through all the stuff that’s under it. Forget about looking in umpteen locations. Forget about finding that what you thought was in the lazarette is actually in the forepeak!

What’s on my Boat™ will save you time looking for things aboard, save you money by not buying things you already have and free up valuable storage space

What’s on my Boat™ is a product from Intelligent Maintenance LLC

Go to intelligentmaintenance.com to find other great boating software from Intelligent Maintenance LLC


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Updated: 2017-10-09 22:10:27
Version: 3.4
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○料金 :480円



○注意事項 ※必ずお読みください!!



Price: ¥480 JPY
Languages: JA
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Updated: 2016-12-11 20:31:29
Version: 1.4
Seller: B.Creation Inc.
Size: 1.72 MB

Arvig Directory

Your local telephone and yellow pages provider, Arvig, delivers the power of the yellow pages right to your phone. Our app provides the quickest, easiest, and most reliable local search experience. We are the hometown telephone company for many Minnesota communities.

Our app allows you to find local businesses that offer the products and services that you need. Quickly find businesses and people local to your community. Our mobile yellow pages provide you instant access to addresses, phone numbers, business websites, business hours, and much more. Use the map feature to get directions to your desired location. Now you have all you need to search locally in a single app. Arvig is your local search expert.

Arvig provides information for the following communities and surrounding areas: Alexandria MN, Austin MN, Bigfork MN, Bismarck ND, Detroit Lakes MN, Devils Lake ND, Dickinson ND, Fargo ND, Fergus Falls MN, Grand Forks ND, Grand Meadow MN, Jamestown ND, Mandan ND, Mankato MN, Melrose MN, Minot ND, Owatonna MN, Park Rapids MN, Pelican Rapids MN, Perham MN, Redwood Falls MN, Rochester MN, Rogers MN, Sioux City IA, Sioux Falls SD, St Cloud MN, Valley City ND, Walker MN, Wahpeton ND, Williston ND, and Winona MN. Arvig has the most up-to-date information for the communities in your area.

Finding what you need has never been easier or more convenient.

App features include:
– Business search (including voice-search capability)
– People search (including voice-search capability)
– Popular categories for quick on-tap searching
– Maps for listings and directions
– Call any phone number with a single tap
– Enhanced business listings include website, email, Facebook, Twitter, store hours, and more
– Favorite any business for quick reference
– Share businesses through SMS, email, Facebook, and Twitter


Price: Free
Languages: DA, EN, FR, DE, JA, KO, PL, PT, RU, ZH, ES, ZH, UK
Released: 2012-10-26 22:47:38
Updated: 2015-11-11 14:51:54
Version: 2.2
Seller: Design Wizards (Design Wizards, LLC)
Size: 19.01 MB

AES Speed Trap Locator – Malaysia

A smart driver alerts to Automated Enforcement System (AES) camera locations and their speed limit. The. Good thing is that you can set your preferred Alert distance to receive the warning so that you can enjoy your drive instead or stressing yourself of having to look out for the Automated Enforcement System (AES) camera. More of an educational tool for user to comply with traffic laws and not to evade them.

Happy motoring!

*Slide screen for previous screen.

iPad version will be coming on mid-November 2012. Stay-tuned.


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Languages: EN
Released: 2012-10-26 18:12:42
Updated: 2012-11-21 02:40:42
Version: 1.2
Seller: daniel seet
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Mit der App von myimmo.de finden Sie auf dem Spaziergang durch ein schönes Stadtviertel Ihre Immobilie. Mittels der Standorterkennung werden alle deutschlandweiten Objekte in Ihrer Umgebung angezeigt, so dass Sie sich nur noch entscheiden müssen, ob Sie lieber kaufen oder mieten möchten. Neben der komfortablen Suche, die für Smartphones und Tablets perfektioniert ist, finden sich auch die aktuellsten Nachrichten aus der Immobilienbranche in der myimmo.de-App.

myimmo.de ist ein junges, dynamisches Immobilienportal mit Sitz in Leipzig, das seit 2009 den Online-Anzeigenmarkt für Wohnungen, Häuser und Gewerbeimmobilien mitbestimmt. Neben dem Inserieren, Suchen und Anbieten von Immobilien ist das myimmo-Team stets dabei, Bewährtes mit Innovation zu verbinden. Damit möchte myimmo zusammen mit Ihnen – als Makler, Privatanbieter oder Wohnungssuchender- das Portal weiterentwickeln, um echte Mehrwerte zu liefern. Ein Kooperationsnetzwerk aus spannenden Branchenpartnern, der aktuelle News- und PR-Bereich zeugen von der starken Schaffenskraft.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2012-10-26 02:36:44
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Unister GmbH
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Zoek Fastfood Belgium

When you’re visiting Belgium and you’re craving for some fast food but have no idea where to go, ‘Zoek Fastfood Belgium’ is the app for you!

With ‘Zoek Fastfood Belgium’ you can:

– Find the nearest fast food restaurant of your choice in your location in Belgium
– Walk or drive into the right direction by use of the build-in compass*
– Navigate using the ‘Maps’ app
– Navigate using Navigon (when available on your iDevice)
– Navigate using TomTom (when available on your iDevice)
– Setup a search radiance between 0,50 km. to 25,00 km.
– Change map type
– Get detailed restaurant information (if provided)
– Spot easily when a restaurant has a Drive-Thru is (when information is available)
– On iPad, switch between portrait or landscape mode!

‘Zoek Fastfood Belgium’ currently holds all restaurants in Belgium from:

– Panos
– Pizza Hut
– Quick
– McDonalds
– Subway

Want another brand in ‘Zoek Fastfood Belgium’ ? Let us know!

‘Zoek Fastfood Belgium’ uses information gathered from the branches used in this app. Information in this app may be subject to change. Our goal is to create the most accurate app possible.


Price: Free
Languages: NL, EN
Released: 2012-10-26 02:36:41
Version: 1.30
Seller: Elias Van den Berg
Size: 5.32 MB

WhatsGoLa Camera – explore 2000+ POI on earth using Streetview and Panoramio

Free for a limited time. Download while you can.

Video Trailer: http://youtu.be/MMMD26UGVI4

WGL Camera Free is also live, try before you buy!!

Cult of Mac: “WhatsGoLa, The Best Worst-Named Street View App For iOS”

“WGL Camera” is a beautiful re-designed application which uniquely combines street view, points of interests, and map tool in one app. The rich database and the friendly interface let you admire more than 2000 preset world famous sites in just a few taps.

• Access the Street View from the map. iOS 5 and iOS 6 compatible.
• This is the only app which lets you access the newest NASA, Ocean, Amazon, and Art Gallery Street View.
• Simulate taking Street View photos with the Gyroscope-enabled devices. (work best with iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th generation, or the New iPad).
• Quickly visit more than 2000 popular points of interests in the world.
• Visit Random Locations
• Visit more than 1000 websites introducing these world famous landmarks.
• Browse and download Panoramio photos from the location you specify.
• Bookmark favorite locations.
• Share locations via Email.
• Retina New iPad supported.
• iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation wide screen supported.

This app is made from the popular feature “WhatsGoLa Camera” in the “WhatsGoLa” app. WhatsGoLa even lets you virtually travel the world by creating superimposed images. More details can be found at: http://www.whatsgola.com

Special Thanks for the icon art design: TingTing Chang.


Price: Free
Languages: EN, FR, DE, JA, ZH, ES, ZH
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Updated: 2014-01-21 03:24:26
Version: 2.5
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Size: 37.73 MB

IQTaxi – заказ такси онлайн

Доступно в:
• Минск и Республика Беларусь
• Украина
• Россия
• Польша
• Литва
• Словакия

Вам надоело постоянно ожидать такси, которое может не приехать? 
Тогда это приложение разработано именно для Вас!
Мобильная версия приложения позволяет напрямую выполнить заказ такси без диспетчера! 
Кликнув по иконке в вашем телефоне Вы увидите карту города где находитесь, на карте видны шашки таксистов в радиусе 5 км. Заполнив форму Вы отправляете заказ который видят сразу все таксисты находящиеся в вашем районе. В течении одной минуты вам приходит несколько предложений с указанием стоимости заказа, а также необходимой информации: марка, номер, цвет и телефон автомобиля водителя. Определившись с приемлемым предложением вы отправляете подтверждение. На открытой карте вы сможете видеть передвижение заказанного такси на карте. 
– мгновенный заказ такси напрямую с мобильного телефона без диспетчера
– выбор из приемлемых для вас предложений по тарифной стоимости
– возможность видеть передвижение вашего такси на карте 
– рейтинг водителей позволяет вам выбрать чистую и комфортную машинку

Киев, Минск, Москва, Одесса, Днепропетровск, Запорожье, Харьков, Николаев, Херсон, Полтава и т.д.
По вопросам франчайзинга и представительства
E-mail: support@iq-taxi.com
Call-центр в Киеве:
+3 8 (093) 488-10-68
459 такси 
Absolut-club TAXI 
Azart taxi 
Comedy Taxi 
Energy такси 
Privat taxi 
Smart taxi 
Smile Taxi 
Taxidi city style 
West Express 
Абажур такси 
Аванс – такси 
Альянс такси 
Амиго такси 
Арена такси 
Aссоль Такси 
Ашан такси 
Барс 2 такси 
Блюз такси 
Ваше такси 
Веселое такси 
Визит такси 
Вираж такси 
Джет такси 
ЕСТ: Киев 
Каскад такси 
Киевщина такси 
Козырное такси 
RED taxi
Любимое такси
Mагнат такси 
Мега такси 
Меркурий такси 
Мустанг Такси 
Нове таксі 2005 
Новое такси 
Планета такси 
Платинум Такси 
7788 такси
152 такси
135 такси
Рандеву такси
“Ромашка” – Женское такси 
СТОличное такси 
Студент такси 
Статус Плюс 
Такса Такси 
Такси № 1 
Такси BARS-5 
Такси Figaro 
Такси 17 
Такси 24 
Такси 227 
Такси «Space» 
Такси Fly 
Такси Алиса 
Такси Апрель 
Такси «Астра» 
Такси Би – плюс 
Такси Браво 
Такси Вирсавия 
Такси Километр 
Такси Комфорт 
Такси Лекс 
Такси Лимон 
Такси Мисто 
Такси Метеор 
Такси Надія 
Такси Пегас 
Такси Плюс 
Такси Шанс 
Такси Шансон 
Такси Экономочка 
Твист такси 
Такси Удача 
Такси Фортон 
Такси Чайка 
Такси Чемпион 
Твое такси 
Универсал такси 
Фаворит такси 
Фемида такси 
Экстра – такси 
Такси Город
Просто Такси
Такси Пятница


Price: Free
Languages: EN, RU, SK
Released: 2012-10-24 20:36:55
Updated: 2017-11-23 01:34:34
Version: 1.4900
Seller: Armen Melkonian
Size: 30.52 MB


Get access to Street View™ with this handy app. The app uses the built in maps from your iPhone or iPad plus you can seamlessly switch to Google Maps™. You can also track your location on the map as you move around.

Summary of Features
● Full screen Street View with zoom †
● Route planning & directions ‡
● Switch between Apple Maps and Google Maps
● Track your position on the map
● Search using name or postcode
● Bookmark your favourite places
● Language support: German, French, Italian, Czech and Spanish

For frequently asked questions please go to http://mapsapp.mobi/faq.php

How To Access Street View
When viewing Google Maps, tap and drag the yellow Pegman™ to a street to access StreetView.

DuoMaps works on iPhone and iPad with iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11.

Please note: The app requires an Internet connection to function and works best when it has access to your location. Not all streets are Street View enabled.

† Not all countries and regions have Street View available. The app only provides Street View for the regions where it is available.

‡ Directions and route planning only available in certain countries

Please note this app is not affiliated with Google in any way. Google Maps, Street View and Pegman are trademarks of Google Inc.


Price: $2.99 USD
Languages: CS, EN, FR, DE, IT, JA, KO, RU, ZH, ES
Released: 2012-10-24 19:35:17
Updated: 2017-11-03 22:17:32
Version: 2.9.8
Seller: Brainflash Ltd
Size: 16.72 MB