iLOC – OSM Copilot

iLOC -iPhone Little OpenStreetMap Copilot is an app to assist you while driving, riding or walking. One of the main features are the possibility to easy post your position on Facebook. Though your friend and family know where you are. (If you like them to know it!). For sure their are the main GPS functions as showing position, speed heading and height. But as the main data input OpenStreetMap is used. So you can choose to see your position on different OSM maps.If you are riding a bike choose the bicycle map. Or you set the wonderful Stamen watercolor map for pleasure. More functions are measure distance and average speed. Search for fuel, parking, fast-food and traffic cameras around. With in app purchase you can log (and send) your routes, switch on sound alarm for traffi cams and have a lot more maps to choose from.…/id517602708?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2012-08-31 22:57:46
Version: 1.1
Seller: Johannes Eiseler
Size: 2.59 MB


– PL –
Aplikacja stworzona z myślą o tych z Państwa, którzy niejednokrotnie próbowali sprawdzić siebie, na “drugi” dzień po imprezach, na wiarygodnych i profesjonalnych urządzeniach do kontroli trzeźwości.
Teraz macie Państwo taka możliwość! Wystarczy zainstalować aplikacje aby otrzymać informacje o znajdujących się w Państwa pobliżu profesjonalnych urządzeniach Alco Sensor! Dane jakie zostaną przedstawione są aktualizowane kilka razy dziennie i na bieżąco podają faktycznie dostępne urządzenia w ważnymi świadectwami wzorcowania. To gwarantuje Państwu profesjonalne przeprowadzenie testu na wiarygodnym urządzeniu z wynikiem odpowiadającym faktycznej ilości zawartości alkoholu w wydychanym powietrzu w chwili badania… W obecnej wersji program korzysta z bazy danych zawierającej informacje o ponad 6000 urządzeniach z rodziny Alco Sensor zlokalizowanych na terenie Polski.

– EN –
This application is dedicated to those who many times wanted to test themselves the net day after a party & drinks on a high-quality, professional and reliable breath alcohol analyzers. It is now possible! You only have to download this application to get some information on professional Alco Sensor breath analyzers available in your neighborhood! Provided results are updated few times a day and actual number of available analyzers with valid calibration certificate are presented. It gives you a chance to perform a professional test on a reliable analyzer with precisely determined alcohol concentration results at the moment of test. Current program version is working on data base including over 6 000 breath analyzers of Alco Sensor family available throughout Poland.…/id550811703?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN, PL
Released: 2012-08-31 18:24:14
Updated: 2013-05-04 01:43:22
Version: 1.2
Size: 4.99 MB

Walk Cycle Wellington

Greater Wellington’s award winning Cycling & Walking Journey Planner is now an app! The ‘Walk Cycle Wellington’ mobile journey planner helps make cycling and walking even more convenient by providing you with a map and directions that you can carry with you. Whether you are a seasoned or a novice walker or cyclist, planning a commute to work or a trip to the local shops or library, simply key in your origin and destination and in seconds you’ll have all the information you need about your particular journey!

With the convenience of your phones GPS combined with the apps knowledge of the most popular spots in the Wellington region make it very simple to plan a journey from one location to another. You also have the option of going via a third location if needed. ‘Walk Cycle Wellington’ will avoid large hills whenever there is a convenient alternative. And the planner’s database is full of minor paths and tracks, which often make great shortcuts. Once planned you can check your progress along the route map, and follow the step-by-step route directions the app provides.

Key Features:

– Route Planning
* Quickly plan a cycling or walking journey between two or three locations.
* Choose points of interest or addresses for your start and end locations.
* Follow the step-by-step instructions of your planned route.

* Use your ‘current location’ as a start, end or via point of your journey.
* Following your current location on the map.

– Journey Information
* View an altitude graph of your route.

– Share Your Journey
* Share your journey with others via Twitter or Email.

– Extra Maps
* Access extra maps for tricky areas like botanic gardens.


Price: Free
Languages: EN, DE, SE, ES
Released: 2012-08-31 17:08:57
Updated: 2013-01-11 20:13:32
Version: 1.0.2
Size: 6.46 MB


Die kostenlose Infoplattform zur Stadt Olten für iPhones und iPads – ein Muss für Einwohnerinnen und Einwohner, Gäste und alle andern Olten-Fans: aktuelle News und Veranstaltungen, Infos zu Freizeit, Kultur, Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft, Politik und vieles mehr. Sie suchen eine bestimmte Dienstleistung der Stadtverwaltung, ein besonderes Restaurant für ein Tête-à-tête heute Abend oder ein attraktives Angebot für Ihre Kinder am nächsten Sonntag? Dann laden Sie OltenApp am besten sofort auf Ihr Gerät.

Wenn Sie online sind, werden die Inhalte beim Aufrufen der App aktualisiert. Dabei kann die folgende Meldung auftreten: “Die Konfiguration der Applikation hat sich grundlegend verändert. Bitte beenden Sie die Applikation via Multitasking-Leiste und starten Sie sie neu.” Vorgehen:
1. Einmal auf den Home-Button unten am Gerät drücken, um die App zu verlassen.
2. Zweimal kurz auf den Home-Button drücken -> Multitasking-Leiste erscheint unten, mit allen Icons der zurzeit offenen Applikationen.
3. Das App-Icon gedrückt halten, bis alle Icons zu zittern beginnen.
4. Beim App-Icon auf das Minus-Zeichen drücken, um die App zu schliessen.
5. Auf den Home-Button drücken, um zum Haupt-Bildschirm zurückzukehren, und die App neu starten.…/id551551715?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN, FR, DE
Released: 2012-08-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2016-05-05 01:01:58
Version: 2.0.3
Seller: Innovative Web AG
Size: 48.75 MB

Great Lakes Shoreviewer

The Great Lakes Shoreviewer provides professional color photography of every inch of coastline (and many islands) in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron). Each coastline photo also has a series of maps showing important natural features for planning and protection efforts.

The mission of the Superior Watershed Partnership is to protect and improve the natural resources of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on a watershed basis; by promoting responsible individual and community actions that ensure a sustainable environment, encourage a sustainable economy and help improve quality of life.…/id534428167?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2012-08-31 01:04:17
Version: 1.0
Seller: Jim Argeropoulos (RaceOn Us)
Size: 6.59 MB

F&F Finder (Friends & Family Finder)

F&F Finder is a very simple application that allows you to get the location of your friends, family or co-workers devices.

Follow these steps to get the application up and running…

1.- The first time you start FF (F&F Finder), the app will connect to the app server in order to get the user Identity (Id) of your own device. This Id is a unique number provided by the app to identify all the users running F&F. It cannot be changed and will be the same forever. At this point, all you can see is your Current Location on the map when pressing the “refresh” button (top right).

2.- Go to “Settings” and add a Code to your Id. This code is a 6 digits password and can be changed whenever you want. These 2 numbers, Id & Code are the numbers that you must provide to the persons allowed to get your own location. Don’t forget to update your profile after introducing a right code by pressing the “update” button (top right).

3.- Go to “List of devices” for adding as many devices as you want to localize on the map. You will have to add the Id and the code that the device’s owners have previously provided to you. You can also add an alias to identify the “pin” of each location on the map, i.e. “My friend John”, “My daughter Jennifer”, etc.

4.- And that’s all, coming back to the map, by pressing the “refresh” button (top right), you will be able to get the position of all your devices list. You can also center the zoom at your Current Location by pressing the “airplane” button (top left). Sometimes, the connection to the app server can fail and will no show any device on the map, try again to get a right answer or check the id and code provided by your friends if the error persist.

Working modes

Normal mode: this is the mode when the app start. Your current location is updated to the server each time the app is started, and each time the “refresh button” (top right) is pressed. The rest of the time, Location services and GPS will be stopped in order to save battery.

Continuous Tracking: when this option is activated, the current location is continuously updated to the server while moving. Be careful with your battery life using this mode for a long period of time.

Background mode: with this option activated, your location will continuously be updated even when the app is minimize and running another app. This mode will only work with the “Continuous tracking” option activated at the same time.

*** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life ***

IMPORTANT: you will get the last location of your devices list when they were running FF. Depending of the use and accuracy you need you will have to agree with your friend when and how run the app. For example to get a very accurate position when travelling in different cars, or trying to find each other in a specific street or point, both of you will have to be running the app with the “Continuous Tracking” option activated. But if you want to know where is your daughter or son during the weekend, only he/she will have to activate the “Continuous Tracking” option or just refresh their location from time to time by pressing the “refresh” button.

Internet connection

This app doesn’t work without an Internet connection. You need it for updating your own location and to obtain the location of your devices list from the server.…/id554144952?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN, IT, ES
Released: 2012-08-30 18:33:57
Updated: 2012-12-08 00:12:46
Version: 1.2
Seller: ANGEL GARCIA (ag2apps Software)
Size: 487.29 KB

GPS対応 東京危険度マップ







 ・Twitter、facebook : 「緊急メールボタン」を押すと、あらかじめ登録したメッセージ・今いる場所(現在位置情報)を、ログインしたアカウントへ配信します。



本書の地図作成に当たっては、国土地理院長の承認を得て、同院発行の2万5千分の1地形図を使用した(承認番号 平23情使、第293-28127号)


・対応機種:iPhone、iPad(3G) 対応iOS:4.3以降。

Price: ¥480 JPY
Languages: EN, JA
Released: 2012-08-30 07:00:00
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Asahipress Co., Ltd.
Size: 47.63 MB

Pilot Plan VFR

Pilot Plan offers basic pre-flight planning assistance for VFR pilots.

It supports;

Fuel calculations
Weight & Balance calculations
Range calculations
Wind aloft adjusted range calculations
WInd triangle feature for easy PLOG completion
PLOG creation

It enables you to see at a glance the effective range of your aircraft given a fuel load / configuration.…/id550887919?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2012-08-30 00:44:27
Updated: 2016-01-09 17:55:21
Version: 1.1
Seller: Jonathan Cobb
Size: 23.37 MB