Central Taxis Coventry

The Central Taxis free iPhone app is here to revolutionise the way you book and track your taxi in the Coventry area.

Bookings are processed through Central’s main dispatch system giving you the standard benefits of reliability and minimal lead times (usually 5-10 minutes in and around the city); callback; textback and friendly, experienced drivers.

Simplicity is the hallmark of this innovative, user-friendly taxi booking solution, giving you access to our fleet of over 500 licensed vehicles. A few taps on your iPhone is all it takes to book a taxi avoiding the need to call an operator and long taxi queues.

The detection of your location via GPS is ideal for tourists or visitors unfamiliar with the city as well as regular users. So why delay? Download the Central app today!

The main features of this app enable you to:

• convenient booking of current and future jobs
• create and manage favourite addresses/locations
• manage previous bookings
• track the real time progress of your vehicle on a map
• notification of vehicle details
• cancel bookings
• automatic detection of your location via GPS and Maps

This app has been designed to be used for bookings within a 10 mile (50 km) radius of Coventry.

Please note that we cannot respond to reviews and feedback here in the app store, so please use the support email: central.taxis@btconnect.com if you need assistance or have suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!


Price: Free
Languages: EN, ES
Released: 2012-05-31 23:45:49
Updated: 2014-12-04 22:41:17
Version: 2.1
Seller: Trapeze Group (UK) Ltd
Size: 5.13 MB

Transport Urban

Transport Urban – public transport route planner
Visit our full-featured web app at: www.transporturban.ro

Available cities and transit agencies: Bucharest (RATB & Metrorex), Brasov (RATBv), Constanta (RATC), Cluj-Napoca (RATUC), Iasi (RATP), Ploiesti (RATP) and Timisoara (RATT)

To be included in the next update: Alba Iulia (STP), Craiova (RAT), Sibiu (TurSib)

Whether you are a student, a tourist or a local, Transport Urban is the perfect journey planner kit: map, stations, directions and everything else you might need, all wrapped up in a smooth interface. Plan your routes in seconds, share them with your friends or save them for later viewing, buy tickets & subscriptions*.

– clean and easy to use interface;
– map with bus / tram / subway stations;
– easy to understand, step-by-step directions;
– estimated distances, times and journey costs;
– visual feedback: view / explore your route on the map;
– search: streets & relevant points of interest;
– gps: set your current location as departure / arrival point;
– advanced planning options;
– Romanian & English languages;
– always up to date.

* tickets and/or subscriptions are currently available only in Bucharest and Iasi.

Note: Internet connection required – no offline mode. To ensure fast and up to date results, route calculations are performed by our web server.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2012-05-31 23:15:05
Updated: 2013-04-19 16:03:22
Version: 1.2
Seller: Emilian Dancescu (ConceptApps)
Size: 3.48 MB

San Francisco Parking Helper

This app helps you park smarter in San Francisco, powered by SFpark.
This app has a way more better user interface than SFpark. Designed by HAZ™.

See real-time availability and prices for parking spaces on streets and in City garages across eight SFpark pilot areas:

• Marina
• Fisherman’s Wharf
• Fillmore
• Financial District
• Civic Center
• Hayes Valley
• SoMa
• Mission

NOTE: Best functionality in this app requires iPhone 4, iPad 2 or iPod Touch (4th generation).

This app is brought to you by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).

This app is a federally funded demonstration of new approaches to parking management that make parking easier and faster in San Francisco. This means less circling and double-parking, leading to cleaner air, safer streets and a clearer path for public transit and emergency vehicles.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2012-05-31 17:45:05
Updated: 2013-06-08 23:02:34
Version: 1.2
Seller: zhang yunhao (HAZ™ Inc.)
Size: 1.67 MB

Raiffeisen TankFinder

Alle Raiffeisen-Tankstellen in Deutschland finden Sie ab sofort auch unterwegs. Sie können sich ganz bequem eine der knapp 700 Raiffeisen-Tankstellen im Umkreis suchen, und zum Teil auch die aktuellen Kraftstoffpreise abfragen.

Zudem finden Sie rd. 300 Tankstellen bundesweit, die Sie mit der R-Card im Tankverbund ansteuern können.

Folgende Suchoptionen stehen zur Verfügung:
– GPS-Umkreissuche (10 Km, 20 Km, 30 Km)
– PLZ-Suche

Die Ergebnisse werden übersichtlich in einer Liste angezeigt. In der Listenansicht sehen Sie bereits die aktuellen Preise von Diesel und Super Bleifrei (wenn vorhanden).
Sobald eine Tankstelle ausgewählt wurde, erhalten Sie weitere Detailinformationen:
– aktuelle Kraftstoffpreise
– Kontaktdaten
– Services vor Ort
– Öffnungszeiten

In der Detailansicht können Sie sich zudem direkt eine Route zur ausgewählten Tankstelle berechnen lassen.


Für die Nutzung der App ist eine Internetverbindung notwendig, damit aktuelle Stationsinformationen und Preise abgerufen werden können.
Um die Umkreissuche nutzen zu können, ist zudem ein GPS-Signal erforderlich.

Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr! Es gelten die Preise an der Zapfsäule.


Price: Free
Languages: DE
Released: 2012-05-31 15:45:26
Updated: 2015-01-29 22:11:38
Version: 1.20
Seller: Land24 GmbH
Size: 10.17 MB




如您需進行“車輛買賣eTag異動”請您 eTag不要撕,直接撥打02-77161998轉13。

每當您開啟網頁或使用線上服務時,將有資料傳輸至您的手機畫面。所需費用視資料傳輸量及您與電信業者的約定而定。有關使用行動網際網路的費用詳細資訊,以及前往國外旅行 (漫遊) 並使用行動網際網路之前,請與您的電信業者聯繫,取得進一步的詳細資訊。


Price: Free
Languages: ZH
Released: 2012-05-31 06:51:45
Updated: 2017-07-31 14:05:08
Version: V5.0.7
Seller: Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co., Ltd.
Size: 36.67 MB

Roadside Assistance 24

Roadside Assistance 24 allows you to find the nearest towing service. The application receives coordinates of tow trucks on-line at www.roadsideassistance24.com and sorts them around you. You can call any of them!


Price: Free
Languages: EN, RU
Released: 2012-05-30 23:45:38
Updated: 2017-08-11 17:15:55
Version: 2.2.2
Seller: Pavel Ananyev (softformobile.ru)
Size: 7.37 MB

Marine Navigation

Find your road on the sea! GPS chartplotter for boating.

An easy-to-use offline GPS tracker and route planner featuring worldwide offline maps.

Are you a sea waters traveler? Are you looking for a marine navigation tool or a GPS tracker for your Android device?
Welcome to “Marine Navigation” your ultimate GPS tracker, navigator app and a route planner while you travel in the sea waters. It works perfectly and finds your way whether you are travelling in the sea waters, rivers or even the lakes. It’s a useful app for boating, fishing and sailing as well. Now you don’t need any additional navigator, instrument on your marine or boat when you travel next time. All you need is “Marine Navigation” in your Android phone.

It’s a universal app, you can download and install this navigator on any Android device including tabs. With simple yet eye catchy graphics and interface its very easy and user friendly. The features like route information, nautical charts will help you save your time and money and you can concentrate only on the marine/boat destination.


MapView: http://www.fishpoints.net/mapsview/

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

NOAA Mediterranean
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Marine Navigation use Bathymetric

Mediterranean RNC
Mediterranean RNC (Raster Navigational Charts)

LINZ NewZealand
NZMariner is the product name of New Zealand’s Official RNC (Raster Navigational Charts)

Ocean Maps
Esri created and released a new, comprehensive map of the world’s oceans and coastal areas

Topo Maps
This world topographic map includes boundaries, cities, water features, ports, physiographic features, ecc.

World Map
Satellite imagery for the world

Open Sea Map is a first opensource maps for the sea, with ports, sea light and more.

You can download maps or marine chart, you need select area and application save tile in the disk. You can navigate on preloaded maps or chart without connection.


•GPS navigator, tracker
•OffLine Maps
•Save on SD OfflineMaps
•Sync Route/Waypoints
•Interactive Map
•Deep Chart / Altitude Chart
•Create Route/WayPoints
•Way Tracking
•Share an image
•Anchor Alert
•Screen Alive
•Morse Code

Create your Yacht Club; your best boating group.

• Login with Facebook Account
• Create Group
• Archive Points
• Share WayPoints
• Import/Export Points

You have 15 minutes from the time of download to return an application purchased on Google Play for a full refund.
After the 15 minute return period, don’t worry, contact us on contact@fishpoints.net

Please leave a rating and review and let us know how we did on “Marine Navigation”, or what you think about it. We want to continue to deliver some of the best and useful apps for your Android devices. Your Feedback will play a big part in us being able to achieve this goal. Thanks!

Good seamanship requires the use of official charts. Marine Navigation is for use with other charts and cannot replace official charts. Use at your own risk.

• British
• Italiano
• Français
• Espagnol

• Active GPS

Please take a look at our official website here http://www.fishpoints.net or join us of Facebook

Powered by Esri
Powered By NOAA
Powered By LINZ


Price: $5.99 USD
Languages: CS, NL, EN, FR, DE, IT, JA, KO, PL, PT, RU, ZH, ES, SV, ZH, TR
Released: 2012-05-30 22:57:49
Updated: 2016-06-10 03:23:54
Version: 4.0.3
Seller: Marco Palaferri
Size: 63.02 MB


This is the “MOE”-version for Finger-Navi.
This application displays a finger cursor pointing in the direction of the destination. This application is not a precise navigation system, but rather a general use directional guide.


You can easily recognize your route to the destination by the overlaid images.
Direction is indicated by the girl’s movement and voice. She will answer you back using different responds when tapping, which creates this impression that you are actually walking with her.
Other setting, for example color, map etc, can be done in preference setting.

1. Application requires an electronic compass and GPS enabled device.
2. You can select either the compass or GPS navigation guide. (GPS mode is activated after you start moving)
3. Frequent use of the compass and GPS sensors results in high battery usage. Prolonged use may result in accelerated battery drain.
4. The map is displayed using the standard iOS map API and requires a connection to a communications network or other network by Wifi to accurately display location information. Map information may transfer large amounts of data.
5. May not function properly near strong magnetic or electronic fields. May be resolved by changing your location slightly.
6. Please do not use this application while driving.


Price: Free
Languages: EN, JA, ZH
Released: 2012-05-30 22:40:12
Updated: 2012-06-29 17:39:09
Version: 1.6
Seller: Aizu Laboratory, Inc.
Size: 64.83 MB

MTA Drive Time

With just a tap, Drive Time tells you how traffic is moving at NYC’s MTA Bridges and Tunnels, including the Verrazano-Narrows, Robert F. Kennedy (Triborough) and Bronx-Whitestone bridges, among others and the Queens Midtown and Hugh L. Carey (Brooklyn-Battery) Tunnels. You can also see how long it’s taking to get from these crossings to other important local destinations.

– Customize your list by choosing the crossings you use most. Just tap “edit’ and delete the names of crossings you don’t normally use.

– Tap the name of a bridge or tunnel to see the crossing time.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2012-05-30 22:26:40
Updated: 2017-09-15 18:46:59
Version: 3.5
Seller: MTA/New York City Transit
Size: 6.61 MB




Fahren Sie ab zur erholsamen Pause – mit dem Wegweiser und Reiseführer zu Autohöfen mit exzellentem Service und Qualität. Autohöfe sind die günstigere Alternative für PKW – Reisende und Berufskraftfahrer – gleich neben der Autobahn. Der ADAC – Test zeigt: Gute und regionale Küche, persönlicher Service, saubere Restaurants, günstigere Kraftstoffpreise und ausreichend Park- und Spielplätze finden sie ganz nah an der Abfahrt.

Autohof Guide bietet in Partnerschaft mit der Vereinigung Deutscher Autohöfe (VEDA e.V.) einen iPhone App, der Ihnen die Suche nach einem Rastplatz Ihrer Wahl erleichtert. Informieren Sie sich ohne Lokalisierung Ihres Standortes über den Button „Autohöfe“
oder suchen Sie gezielt unter Verwendung Ihres Standortes per Umkreissuche, BAB-Abfahrten und Routensuche nach Autohöfen, die an Ihrer Strecke liegen. Selektieren Sie Ihre Suchen mit Leistungen, die Sie am Autohof benötigen oder nach Marken und Betreibern, die Sie bevorzugen.
In den Detailseiten der Autohöfe finden Sie neben der Map mit Lage des Autohofes auch Zusatzinformationen über Restaurants, redaktionelle Texte und aktuelle Angebote.

Zusammenfassung der Suchfunktionen:

1.Button – „Autohöfe“ mit Listen-, Kartendarstellungen sowie Detailansichten von Autohöfen unserer Datenbank unter www.autohof-guide.de .

2.Button – „Umkreissuche“ ausgehend vom eigenen Standort bzw. von einem selbst zu bestimmendem Standort mit individueller Entfernungseinstellung zu Autohöfen die gesucht werden. Zusätzlich kann der User hier Selektionsmerkmale nach gesuchten Leistungen wie Anzahl Parkplätze, Restaurant, Shop, Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten, Kindereinrichtungen, Autobahnkirche bis hin zu Sicherheitsparkplätze, etc. wählen. Ergebnisse können als Listen-, bzw. Kartendarstellungen bis zu den Detailansichten der Autohöfe angezeigt werden.

3.Button – „BAB Abfahrten“ – diese Funktion ermöglicht sich Autohöfe an den unterschiedlichen Autobahnen mit Ihren Abfahrten anzeigen zu lassen. Über eine Selektbox wählt der User die gewünschte BAB. Listen-, bzw. Kartendarstellungen sowie Detailansichten der Autohöfe sind das Ergebnis. Zusätzlich kann die Suche durch Leistungsmerkmale verfeinert werden – dies hilft dem User den Autohof seiner Wahl gezielt zu finden.

4.Button – „Routensuche“ – über diese Funktion kann der User einen Startort sowie seinen Zielort eingeben und gesuchte Leistungsmerkmale bestimmen. Die Suchergebnisse werden als Listen- bzw. Kartenansichten sowie Detailansichten aller Autohöfe, die an seiner ausgewählten Strecke bis zum Zielort liegen, angezeigt.

Eine Bedienungsanleitung finden User auf der Startseite des App.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2012-05-30 22:26:34
Updated: 2017-07-28 17:48:18
Version: 1.10
Seller: EBERHARD GOEHRUM (GÖHRUM Agentur für Marketing und Kommunikation)
Size: 10.56 MB