Speed II

“Speed II” is more than a speedometer. It includes 12 super counters with different looks and original and a real dashboard for comfortable navigation. With a speed limiter, it tells you the speed and overtaking and helps thwart a risk zones. For night use in the car, “Speed II” offers the possibility of a mode “invert” a projection of the meter on the windshield of the vehicle!
To adapt this application to the viewing experience, “Seepd II” is equipped with a dimmer.

“Speed II” allows geolocation live by displaying a map showing your location (in map or satellite).

“Speed II” measures the speed of your car, motorcycle, truck, scooter, bike, boat and also trains and planes or even walking you.

According to the counters, the speeds are given in km / h or mp / h. Several counters allow a cumulative distance traveled.

The dashboard provided you permanently the following:
– Average speed
– Your altitude indication mounted or descent
– Time
– Your guidance through an integrated compass
– The battery status of your Iphone.
– The level of GPS reception

The dashboard allows:
– To activate the “speed limiter” with or without audible warning. In this mode, “Speed II” tells you a speed limit by the appearance of an animation on the screen and / or an audible warning.
– To activate the “Invert” for night vision by projecting the image of the meter on your windshield.
– To adjust the brightness of the screen for viewing comfort.
– To enable the geolocation map mode “plan” or “satellite”.

Use of “Speed II”
The use of “Speed II” is very simple and intuitive. The main menu lets you choose the counter. Once selected, the counter appears in full screen and the dashboard is now left of the screen in closed position. To open it, just a short press on the side. You can also position it anywhere on the screen. Simple and effective!

Features of “Speed II”
— Original 12 meters (Analog – Digital – km / h – mp / h).
— Dashboard retractable.
— Speed limiter visual and / or sound.
— Map gélocalisation to live.
— Compass.
— Altimeter with indicator mounted or descent (variometer).
— Average speed.
— Time.
— Mode “Invert” for a vision on the windscreen
— Light intensity dimmer for viewing comfort.

You want to troubleshoot a defective meter? Measure all speeds air – earth – water? Do not hesitate, “Speed II” must always stay focused in your pocket!


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Altitude / Altimeter – Free

Calculate your altitude wherever you are with this no-frills but fully functional app.

Record height changes by recording previous measurements.

Fast, efficient and above all – free.

For best results, ensure that your current location data is accurate


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Version: 001
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Qibla Direction, Prayer Alerts and Mosques.

Easy to use.
Most accurate Qibla directions using compass aligned satellite pictures.
Worldwide prayer times for 8 calculation methods.
Automatically finds device location.

1 Shows device Location and Qibla degrees on startup.
2 A green Qibla line appears pointing to Mecca.

1 Tap the compass Icon.
2 Lay the device flat in front of you.
3 The green Qibla line will keep pointing towards the Kaaba.
4 Double check if the satellite map is aligned to nearby buildings and roads for 100% accuracy.

1 Tap the location Icon for 5 local prayer times and sunrise.
2 Select your preferred calculation method by tapping the gears icon.
3 Zoom out and double tap anywhere on the map to activate any worldwide prayer times.
4 Save locations to favorites for faster usage and offline prayer times.

Qibla free provides complete and accurate functions for ‘Prayer Times’ and ‘Qibla Direction’. Please try the optional functions like ‘Mosque Search’ and ‘Islamic Date Conversion’. You can choose to upgrade after trying an optional function 10 times.


Amazing 5 STARS
Very accurate and a must have for every muslim.

Wonderful! 5 STARS
One of the best apps for my iPad!

Indispensable 5 STARS
Barakalaoufik cette application indispensable, bénéfique pour tous les mouslim dans le monde merci à la pomme

Best Qibla Finder 5 STARS
The most accurate Qibla finder ever created in App Store.

Reviews may be from the same app in another language and with optional functions.


Please email us from the app if you have any tips, concerns or questions! We very much appreciate each email and try to reply immediately.

الحمد لله ربّ العالمين


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Complete integration with your NWMLS Matrix account, search for Active and off-market properties.


– Find homes near you using device’s built-in GPS locator.
– Get driving directions on the go.
– Complete and current access to all MLS-listed properties.
– Large color photo galleries with expanded listing details, at your fingertips.
– Search by city, ZIP code, price, style and more.
– Find open houses near you.

Requires iOS Version 7.0 or higher.


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Updated: 2016-12-21 21:00:01
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SignalTrack Viewer

This mobile application should replicate GPS North America’s mobile friendly site with updated look and feel. Application will show all current assets of GPS North America on Map and will allow to track in real-time.
Enhanced features will enable the user of the application to find and locate each driver and/or trailer, show the current location, launch a local map, which in turn will identify the desired location of the driver/trailer and list the directions on how to get to the driver’s/trailer’s location.


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Updated: 2015-12-17 20:43:34
Version: 1.8
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School Zones

When you come near a school in the US a message pops up warning you to stay alert. It should help reduce accidents where school kids are knocked down by speeding or distracted drivers. It contains most of the schools in the US.

This app makes continuous use of GPS running in the background which can dramatically decrease battery life. When you are not near a school the app goes into intermittent mode which helps to reduce battery drain.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2012-03-29 19:21:50
Version: 1.0.0
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GoodRoads – the world’s first tool for roads quality monitoring. Take part in drawing up maps of the russian and world roads condition!

PeacockTeam presents system of road quality monitoring – GoodRoads.ru. The project has high social significance – early detection of road pits contributes to quick repair, and it reduces the number of accidents.

Specialists spend a year to create a system consisting of the server and client parts. Currently the team is actively working on fixing bugs and improving the final version of the application.

Learn how to use the application Goodroads with this specially prepared video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ON3OPzIiyUA

We remind you, that you need correct functioning GPS for the full application work, otherwise the data will not be processed.

Turn on the application GoodRoads to contribute to World’s roads upgrade, and we will make sure that the data of each pit and mound on the road become available to other users, road police, officials and other persons responsible for the roads condition.

Prolonged usage of GoodRoads application consumes battery substantially.


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Languages: EN, RU
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Updated: 2017-02-07 18:23:44
Version: 1.3.6
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Finn nærmeste bensinstasjon på sjøen! Still inn maksavstand du tror du orker å ro til og få opp en oversikt over hvilke muligheter du har.
I første omgang dekker vi bare Oslofjorden, men planen er å ekspandere langs vår langstrakte kyst. Deretter står verden for tur!
Orker du ikke ro, ligger nødnumre inne.

Husk å alltid kontakte marinaen for å forsikre deg om åpningstider osv. Dumt å komme frem bare for å finne at betjeningen gikk tidlig for å hente unger i barnehagen.

OBS! Selv om du får din posisjon i forhold til stasjoner som er kontaktet og har bekreftet informasjonen, må denne appen ikke brukes som et sjøkart. All risiko og alt ansvar tilfaller brukeren.

Locate your nearest fuel station while at sea! Set the maximum range you think you can row and get your options plotted on a map. If you cant row anymore – the emergency phone numbers are all in the app.
Covers only marinas in the Oslo fjord in this first version, but we plan to expand along Norway´s insanely long coast. And later we go for the rest of the world! (Maybe)
Remember to always contact the marina to make sure they are open.

Warning: this is not a chart and must be used for reference only. Risks and responsibility are user´s only.


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RAA Rest Stop Locator

RAA’s Rest Stop Locator app allows you to browse rest stops and their facilities on major routes through South Australia.

Features include:

-‘Nearby’ view the closest rest stop to your location
-‘Search’ to look for locations near a suburb or postcode
-‘Browse’ to view locations along a selected route

The Royal Automobile Association of SA, commonly known as RAA, has a long and proud history of serving the South Australian community. As the principal advocate for road users in South Australia RAA’s road safety philosophy advocates for safer drivers, on safer roads driving safer cars.

For more information, visit:

In the event on a breakdown, contact RAA Road Service on: 13 11 11.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2012-03-29 00:15:50
Updated: 2014-09-27 19:26:43
Version: 1.1
Seller: Royal Automobile Association of South Australia Inc. (RAA of SA)
Size: 1.97 MB

Double Navigation

“Double Navigation” is a simple map application that can display two maps.

•Display the two maps(Be changed easily, the percentage display) .
•Display of maps and camera
•Can be displayed on the map the direction of the terminal
•Bookmark (The destination list).
•Calculate the direction and distance to the destination

• The available, you need GPS, magnetic compass, camera function.
• The map display is required for connection to the Internet.
The accuracy of the information provided by this application is not guaranteed. Please use all at your own risk.


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Updated: 2016-07-27 20:33:26
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