Tripmate France Lite

When you need timely traffic information, you have to go to the source.

In France, the source is the Autoroutes Trafic web site: detailed and highly readable maps, intuitive symbolism and traffic status updated in real-time.

Unfortunately the Autoroutes Trafic web site uses a technology that makes it unusable on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Tripmate France, thanks to its real-time transcoding technology, makes it possible to visualize the portion of Autoroutes Trafic web site concerning the traffic status; it also offers a number of options and parameters to personalize the fruition of the service.

Main features:

– Application completely optimized to facilitate map searching, browsing while on the road without distracting

– Universal application: works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad making full use of the hosting device user interface paradigm

– Full use of Retina Display to visualize more details in high resolution (only on iPhone 4)

– National map and Paris Île-de-France; An additional set of 68 detailed maps, covering the whole French motorway network, is available in the full version of Tripmate France

– Maps are automatically cached and only updated traffic status and information are downloaded: faster operation and minimal data download

– Visual research of locations and maps

– High contrast colored maps to quickly pinpoint problems on the road. Option to reduce colors brightness (night vision)

– Touch based map moving and zooming

– Ten levels of zoom. All maps are completely vector, when zooming: more details, no blocky pixels

– All maps selected and positioning are automatically cached to allow for fast retrieval of previous selections without searching again

– Status of traffic shown using color codes: free flow, heavy, congested and closed. The segments representing the congested and closed conditions can optionally flash on the screen to enhance the visibility of problems

– Visible/Audible alarms to notify about changed (compared to the previous data update) traffic status and/or information over the currently selected map

– Manual or automatic refresh (with selectable refresh interval)

– Road problems/information are shown using icons (accidents, queues, road works, closures). Tapping an icon shows the complete information about the problem

– Level of information shown on the map selectable (Disturbances, Information, Infrastructures)

– Interface available in three languages: French, English and Italian

– Online help always available to quickly explain the meaning of each control and symbols shown by the application…/id405466640?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN, FR, IT
Released: 2010-11-30 23:22:24
Updated: 2011-09-20 17:01:35
Version: 1.6
Seller: Emanuele Cipolloni
Size: 4.46 MB


Batphone is a research tool which demonstrates a method determining your location within a building. It’s meant to be an alternative to GPS or iBeacon, and it works by using the microphone to record room ambience. These acoustic room fingerprints are used to recognize previously-tagged rooms when they are revisited. For comparison, it also shows the position retrieved from Location Services, which determines your coordinates using radio signals from GPS satellites, wifi and cellular base stations. Our experiments have shown that Batphone’s acoustic method is more accurate than the radio method. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Fore more details, please see the report titled “Indoor Localization without Infrastructure using the Acoustic Background Spectrum” which was presented at the 2011 MobiSys conference.…/id405396715?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2010-11-30 23:21:18
Updated: 2017-09-08 19:43:18
Version: 1.4
Seller: Stephen Tarzia
Size: 0.96 MB

Marra Marra National Park – GPS Map Navigator

Version 3.1

*** Bulk of Information at your Finger Tips***

“Our map gives you an absolute wide-ranging idea to explore maximum features and facilities of the park.”

“Marra Marra National Park is a great place to go canoeing, camping, bushwalking, picnicking or bird watching. “

“This App supports you to taste the flavor of each and every activity you are wishing to carry out inside the park.”

You will wonder to use various functionalities of our app in many disciplines during the trip:

•Add Favorites!
•Find locations by Co-ordinates!
•Navigation Compass!
•Enhanced Photo Management!
•Insert Waypoints!
•Insert Unlimited Markers!
•Best GPS functionality
•Save Track and email friends!
•Quick Reference Guide

“Guide lists number of activities and facilities info. for Picnics and Barbecues, Cycling, Fishing, Walking Tracks, Paddling etc.

“Offline maps with satellite modes won’t let you go below your expectations anywhere during voyage”

“Exploring the map you will find all Trails, Point of Interests (POI), Lakes, Rivers, Elevations etc and many more…….”

“Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”…/id406326386?mt=8&uo=4

Price: $5.99 USD
Languages: EN, FR, IT, ES
Released: 2010-11-30 20:14:12
Updated: 2017-08-08 22:07:55
Version: 5.5
Seller: Flytomap
Size: 19.33 MB


TownABC – AU
The most complete list of Australia Local Government Areas and towns
Looking for information of places in Australia? In TownABC, you can find what you’re looking for. We have an organized structure of over 600+ LGAs of Australia.

*** Features ***
Google map of each location
Link to official government website of the location
Link to Wikipedia about the location
Access to more information about each LGA.…/id405252460?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2010-11-30 16:22:39
Version: 1.0
Seller: Chean Yan OH
Size: 716.30 KB

What’s This Address?

What’s This Address is the easiest and most affordable way to calculate your current address in seconds. Use What’s This Address when you can’t read the street numbers on buildings, if you need to tell a taxi your current address, or instantly email a friend a map of your current address.


Interactive Map
– Displays your current location just like your iPhones maps application
– Large easy to read ADDRESS NUMBER
– Accurate and intuitive automatic zoom to street level
– Email your current address and local map
– Date and time stamp
– Double click to drop a pin on the map
– Triple click to drop pin and reveal the pin address
– Click and hold pin to drag and drop
– Touch the map with two fingers and rotate in a circular motion to remove pins

– Auto updates location every 20 seconds

– Email your location to your Facebook photo upload email address to share your location with friends. e.g. “Happy hour started 5 minutes ago!”

– Keep track of your kids, making sure you know their location

– Customize your email by changing the zoom on the map

Enjoy another great app from! If you enjoy this app, please leave feedback in the form of a rating or review. Thank you and enjoy a beautiful day!

Recent Reviews:

It works!
by compudog on Dec 6, 2010 version 1.0
Really useful and does exactly what it claims to do. I travel a lot in my work and this is one of those simple, streamlined apps that made me wonder what I did without it after a couple of days.

by Thank you123 on Dec 3, 2010 version 1.0
Great app! Very easy to use, accurate, I am able to check in with my family and friends by sending a quick email that shows where I am by address with a map of the area. Great if I am traveling or in my home town. It takes me less then a minute and i feel like I’m being responsible. Great for garage sales, directions, being picked up, also a GREAT way to track kids. Thank you Mac papa!

Fantastic App! Very Helpful
by GRANT TURCK on Dec 3, 2010 version 1.0
All I can say is WOW! This app is the perfect solution for sharing my location with friends.

The shizzle! Must have for everyone!
by Dr. Dizz on Nov 30, 2010 version 1.0
I deliver pizza at night and I can rarely see the address numbers on houses. I used it tonight for the first time and woala! As I drive down the street the address is updated in big readable letters. I tried other apps, but they don’t autoupdate, the address is on another screen and way too small to read while driving. This is simplicity at its finest!

Note: more features will come soon!…/id405151704?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2010-11-30 03:09:42
Updated: 2013-07-03 06:04:54
Version: 1.4
Seller: Bryan Saltzman
Size: 2.10 MB

Grenadines & Grenada – GPS Map Navigator

Flytomap is a valid and interesting alternative, Benetti Yachts
Top Ten 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015 & 2016
Featured in : On the Deck
Grenadines & Grenada coverage resident in the app. It works WITHOUT mobile coverage!
Worldwide Marine and Outdoor Maps available when connected, thanks to
Worldwide Satellite images overlay on charts
Worldwide Terrain features overlay on charts, thanks to Open Street Map, Open Cycle Map, Bing,Earth,GMap
Worldwide Weather forecast
Join ActiveCaptain – Worldwide boaters community * 100.000 + Captains

Use to Explore:
√ Latitudes and Longitudes to go to your favorite places
√ Search your Favorite points directly
√ Zoom, Rotate and Pan fast just by a finger touch
√ Quick Object information just tapping, thanks to vector technology
√ GPS Heading Vector Towards the direction movement
√ Distance Measurement Tool to easily calculate the distance from one location to another
√ Route planning, Waypoints – Insert the target/destination and see in real time your speed, distance and bearing
√ Magnified Lens for all info
√ Unlimited Tracks, Markers, Geo-tagged photos, records and share via email, visible on Google, Flytomap Viewer, KMZ format – Store your track without the need of cellular data or mobile signal
√ Select Depth Contours
√ a la carte menu
√ MOB – Man Over Board
√ Quick WP – allows you to instantly record your position and show distance and bearing
√ iOS background mode – Flytomap works in background as well, you can swap with another app and receive/make calls send sms while track recording.
√ Optimized battery usage

√ ActiveCaptain
• View and contribute to the best boaters community available in the world
• Continuous update of all info (including reviews from the deck) about :
• Marinas
• Anchorages
• Hazards
• Local Knowledge

√ Worldwide Marine Weather forecast at a quick tap provide you:
• Day max and min temperature – Current temperature
• Significant wave height, Swell height, Swell period, Swell direction
• Tide data
• Sea temperature
• Wind Speed and direction
• Weather description
• Precipitation & Humidity
• Visibility
• Pressure
• Cloud cover in percentage
• Wind chill/Feels like Temperature
• Water Temperature
• Dew Point Temperature
• Heat Index Temperature

√ And so much more to come – It’s the only app you will ever need! Our charts are installed on: GARMIN NAVICO LOWRANCE B&G NORTHSTAR EAGLE SIMRAD

Follow us:

▶Twitter @flytomap

▶Web Site

▶Web App


Flytomap is committed to constant improvement, this App is developed with the help of professional boaters to get the best experience on the sea, we listen to our users and systematically add the most requested features.
Thank you for the feedback!
“Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”…/id392211779?mt=8&uo=4

Price: $5.99 USD
Languages: EN, FR, IT, ES
Released: 2010-11-30 03:09:24
Updated: 2017-09-01 19:57:38
Version: 5.5
Seller: Flytomap
Size: 22.79 MB

Awesome HUD

Awesome HUD is a great and simple-to-use speedometer for your iPhone!

* Only for iPhone 3G,3Gs and iPhone 4 Due to GPS utilization

– Shows a awesome speedometers that runs off of GPS
– Supports a HUD mode: Place your phone on the dashboard to see the speedometer on your windshield!
– Supports both km/h and MPH

– variety of themes – whenever possible to easily change the theme to suit my taste
– variety of colors – the same themes you wants, even changing the color is nicely decorate.
– Accessories – clock, progress direction (like a compass to scroll) displays
– iPod Music mode – that makes music control very easy while driving
– Show driving record – the highest speed / average velocity / elapsed time / distance display
– Supports speed alert notification

If you have any technical problems please email us at

Visit for more information.…/id397445612?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2010-11-26 08:00:00
Updated: 2011-01-08 23:13:28
Version: 1.03
Seller: JUNG CHUL MOON (MustbeGames)
Size: 2.80 MB



Mylo is the fast and easy way of letting people know where you are. Let your iPhone work out where you are and create a message quickly by using a template.

★ Mylo Features:

* share your location by SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter (Twitter is iOS5 only)
* predefined message templates for fast sharing
* adjustable accuracy level for location acquisition – normal, high (slower), low (faster)
* adjustable location detail level – address, street, locality
* clean, easy to use UI that follows iOS Human Interface Guidelines

★ Extras Upgrade (In-App Purchase) Features:

* Multiple map types for map image – roadmap, satellite, hybrid, terrain
* Vibration on location update
* Ability to disable ads

If you’d like to help with localisation for your own language, please leave me a message on the support page (

For development updates:

* visit my blog (
* follow @benwong on Twitter (
* like Mylo on Facebook (

Check out my other apps – Loci and FontView. Don’t forget to rate Mylo. 🙂…/id404735938?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2010-11-25 02:09:59
Updated: 2012-01-10 02:06:29
Version: 1.3.3
Seller: Benjamin Wong
Size: 2.03 MB

Gps Vehicle/Child/iPad Location Tracking for iPhone

Gps locations tracking application could watch your location changes and inform to your friends/family by e-mail on setted time period.
** %33 Discount **
Also, You could set send all location changes data to the server option from login settings of the application. So, You could see last location of the device at any time.(If application is running on the device and GPS receiver is on)
You could see other group member’s location on the map as well (up to 19 members).
This location tracking is REAL TRACKING.
You are not going to pay any subscription fee for the tracking service.

It is refreshing last locations every 3,10,15,or 30 minutes automatically.
Application is using GPS with time periods. GPS receiver is not always on. This function will save your iPhone battery.
Also, You could see all of your location changes on the map.

There is 4 different settings to set period between 3 minute to 30 minutes. So , application will send your location data every 3,10,15,30 minutes. I It will show your last position and other location changes while waiting for time to send e-mail.

It is very easy to use.
1. Enter Group Id and Password
2. Enter User id
3. Enter E-mail Address ** if you would like to receive e-mail for location changes, otherwise leave this field empty **
4. Click Save Parameters button to save them for first use.
You need to enter E-Mail address , User id, Group-id, Pin number and set them to receive location changes by e-mail.

You could check group members location from any internet browser. ( Just write , enter case-sensitive group id & password )
You should enter same group-id and pin number for all group members.

(Please remember, if you could not remember your password just change your group id and click save parameters button to create new group. There is no group edit option. )

After that , Click ‘Gps On’ button to to activate Gps Tracking.
If you want to deactivate it than click ‘Gps Off’ button.

You could use Z+ button to Zoom in, Z- button to Zoom out on the map.

This application has BETTER PERFORMANCE while it is working in background mode. Otherwise, application will try to show your location on the map and it will use more battery, 3g data and it will be difficult to connect server while doing that.

(Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)
Now, You could buy compatible version with gps/gsm tracking application for iPad if you need it.

Note: If you need to ask a question to us please write your e-mail address with your question.

FAQ: How do I get it to follow my 3 individual children, or am I missing the point?
ANSWER: You need to use same group-id, pin number, e-mail address for all group member’s. You should give different user name with user ref. number to all group members. You need to turn on Gps Location Tracking switch on parameters screen.

You could check group members location from any internet browser. ( Just write , enter case-sensitive group id & password)…/id404450936?mt=8&uo=4

Price: $1.99 USD
Languages: EN
Released: 2010-11-24 20:02:31
Updated: 2011-07-15 02:07:50
Version: V2.3
Size: 156.62 KB