Altimeter Deluxe

Altimeter Deluxe shows the elevation by using the built-in GPS.
This application uses high quality graphics design.
Now you can check your altitude whenever you like.

– displays the height in meters or feet
– displays the accuracy
– displays the longitude
– displays the latitude
– disables the autolock feature (keeps the display backlight on while the application is running)

Please note:
Altimeter Deluxe works only outdoors, as it needs a connection to GPS satellites.
For best precision choose a place with no houses and trees around, to have a clear sky view.
The precision increases if more satellite connections are found, this can take up to a minute.
The “Location Services” option in the Settings has to be activated.
Works on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Does not work on iPod touch.

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Price: $0.99 USD
Languages: EN, FR, DE
Released: 2009-07-31 09:14:02
Updated: 2017-08-07 17:59:42
Version: 1.6
Seller: FAPPS WORLD et Cie SCS (Fapps World et Cie S.E.C.S.)
Size: 1.06 MB

iTransitBuddy – MBTA Rail

Best Commuter Rail App!! – O’Reily Media – “Best iPhone Apps” Book

iTransitBuddy puts your MBTA Transit Schedules right in your pocket!

Quick and easy to use! iTransitBuddy contains the latest train schedules for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend visitor iTransitBuddy is for you!

iTransitBuddy saves you time by allowing you to quickly find your next train, how much time you have until your the train leaves, as well as all trains leaving in the next 24 hours.

iTransitBuddy Features:
– MBTA Transit Rail chedules
– Schedules are always up to date!
– Save frequent routs as favorites

***Please contact the Support Team,, if you have any issues or questions. Support Team will respond within hours. We have a 100% success rate of resolving questions/issues***

Customer Feedback:

“Used your app again last night in NYC. I love the big red how many minutes until the train display. I was walking to Penn Station and checked while walking. In the old days I’d have to look at the time, scroll through to find the closest time and try to calculate if I should rush or not.”

“iTransitBuddy works great!!! It is a fantastic application and completely invaluable to me. ”

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Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2009-07-31 05:10:11
Updated: 2013-10-17 21:34:35
Version: 7.0.5
Seller: Base Technology Solutions LLC
Size: 3.88 MB

Autonavi–Has been updated to Amap!

Amap, a professional map app from China, trusted by 700, 000, 000 users.
We are the exclusive map data supplier for Apple Map in China and is dedicated to digital map content, navigation and LBS solutions.
Featuring: comprehensive and accurate Location Information, characteristic Voice Navigation, smart Route Planning, low consumption of data usage, battery power and storage space.
Amap is your everyday-life assistant!…/id324101974?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN, ZH, ZH
Released: 2009-07-31 01:11:07
Updated: 2017-07-25 02:17:24
Version: 9.7
Seller: AutoNavi Information Technology Co. Ltd.
Size: 50.88 MB

INRIX Traffic

INRIX Traffic is a traffic, navigation and parking app that uses one of the world’s largest driver and vehicle communities to simplify your commute and to get you to important places, as quickly and safely as possible. Plus, NO ADS!

Share incidents along your route, including accidents, police activity and road hazards. Check traffic cameras to see traffic in real-time. Share your ETA with family and friends to keep everyone up-to-date on your progress. Use smart alerts that tell you when to leave and keep you on-time during your drive. Find the cheapest and most convenient parking garages near your destinations. Save time, money and stress!

Key Features:
– Live traffic routing to avoid congestion and other delays
– Incident reports from the INRIX community, including accidents, hazards, police activity and more
– Turn-by-turn navigation with voice assist to guide you quickly and safely to your destination
– Automatic re-routing as conditions change during your commute
– Share your ETA with family, friends and co-workers
– Smart alerts notify when you need to leave and of incidents along your drive
– Use traffic forecasts and Best Time to Leave features to better plan your drives
– Calendar integration means automatic driving directions to your important events and appointments
– Find parking spaces near your favorite places with turn-by-turn directions
– Get pricing and availability for on-street parking spaces, park and rides, lots, and garages in an ever growing list of major US cities
– All of these features and no advertisements!

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Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.…/id324384027?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: NL, EN, FR, DE, IT, PT, ZH, ES
Released: 2009-07-30 17:12:39
Updated: 2017-10-11 15:51:25
Version: 6.8.3
Seller: INRIX, Inc (INRIX, Inc.)
Size: 164.79 MB


Pocket Flight Management Assistant (PFMA) is a flight computer designed for the professional pilot, with a familiar look resembling the computers onboard most modern automated cockpits.

The E6B Edition emulates the functions present on the traditional “Wizz Wheel” providing the pilot with a complete and powerful solution for flight planning and inflight aviation calculations.


– Real life avionics look & feel
– Customizable quick access buttons
– Configurable units
– Block and airtime chronographs
– Comfortable keypad for inflight use
– Basic math calculator functionality
– Selectable themes

Formulas included:

– Airspeed and altitude
– Wind triangle
– Runway crosswind
– Fuel usage
– Great circle navigation (point to point)
– Vertical profile (descent/climb)
– Unit conversions
– Holding Patterns
– Sunrise-Sunset
– Rate of turn…/id323662975?mt=8&uo=4

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Languages: EN
Released: 2009-07-27 23:46:40
Updated: 2017-08-17 20:31:30
Version: 1.2.6
Seller: Gonzalo Esteban Astica Capra (TATA Mobile)
Size: 2.17 MB


Ever got lost in a mall? Wondering where that Food court, Levis store or McDonalds was?

I have certainly have and that is why I created T.O.Malls.

T.O.Malls is an iPhone application that helps you navigate in increasingly large and horribly layout malls.

It includes
· Over 40 Malls in Toronto

· Location Sensing of which mall you are in

· A store directory that is searchable by name or catergory of the store

· A map of the mall so you can easily find your way to a store…/id322056100?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2009-07-27 21:43:37
Version: 1.5
Seller: Zhou Wenhan (Hereing)
Size: 5.47 MB

Where’s Jerusalem?

Find out if you’ve been praying in the right direction all these years…

Where’s Jerusalem? serves people who are on the constant move and need to know where to face in order to pray towards Jerusalem.

Where’s Jerusalem finds the user’s latitude and longitude in the world and points an arrow in the praying direction. Additionally, an AUGMENTED REALITY feature plots the Western Wall right in front of your eyes as you move the device until it locks once you face the right direction.

No more trying to find the sun relative to the time of day and calculating in your head in which direction you need to pray. Especially useful when traveling and haven’t figured out the praying direction for your new location.

Uses the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPhone 4S Compass in order to do the calculation.…/id322399812?mt=8&uo=4

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Languages: EN
Released: 2009-07-26 19:46:50
Updated: 2011-05-15 18:18:39
Version: 2.0
Seller: Blue Orange Apps Limited
Size: 6.14 MB


MuniApp gives you access to SFMUNI and BART
transit system on the go with real-time predictions.


Locate nearby SFMUNI stops and their respective bus routes.

– Find yourself in an unfamiliar part in San Francisco, and
not sure what are the SFMUNI lines around you? Using the
“Nearby” page, get the list of nearby stops and bus lines
based on your current location.

Quick navigation to access SFMUNI and BART prediction
– Select a route or stop, and MuniApp will display the current
prediction for the nearest stop based on your location.
– Need more information on a stop? Select it, and MuniApp
will display all the other routes that goes through this stop,
with their current prediction times and location with map view.
– All predictions have auto refresh by default. Of course,
you can trigger a refresh manually should you choose to.

Bookmark your most frequently used stop.
– Bookmark your most used stops with just one click.
– Sort your bookmarks by location, date added or alphabetically.


– This app requires iPhoneOS 8.1+…/id323516756?mt=8&uo=4

Price: $1.99 USD
Languages: EN
Released: 2009-07-26 18:56:23
Updated: 2016-05-20 17:00:36
Version: 1.7.1
Size: 19.19 MB

Canyonlands National park – Standard

“Download any FlytoMap application for Free! By purchasing FlytoMap All-in-One App.”

!! Watch “Flytomap GPS” app video on and !!

Latest Version 2.3
Two versions available for this park:

“Standard – With less than 10MB & no Wifi connection required”
“Topo – With all details (Elevation Contours with 10 meters step)”

* New in this Map: “Navigation Compass“

FlytoMap provides complete, quick and easy to use map applications for navigation for iphone. Continues in the tradition of offering depth of information and functionality across expected places all over the world, exploring the map you get maximum details obtaining detailed information of each object on the map.

Use to Explore:

“Use Latitudes and Longitudes to go to your favorite places”
“Insert the target/destination ‘Waypoint’ and see in real time your speed, distance and direction to destination”
“Insert Unlimited Markers near favorite places on the map”
“Search your Favorite points directly”
“Zoom, Rotate and Pan fast just by a finger touch”
“Navigate and see your GPS position on the map”
“Geo-Tagged photo management”
“Set On/Off Elevation Contours if you feel data is cluttering”

FlytoMap processes different types of maps for navigation for different categories:


Park map applications are extremely advanced contains embedded electronic charts with all information collected from the National Park Service and local sources. The maps contain all multiple trails (Hiking, biking, Stairway trails, Bicycle trails, Equestrian trails etc.,) and Point of interests (POI) like Campgrounds, Eating places, Ranger Stations, Picnic areas, Boat/Canoe launching, Parking areas etc., which are provided depending on the relevant park areas they exists.

“Covers all Trails, Lakes and Rivers within the Parks”
“Covers complete park boundary from (NPS)”
“Elevation Contours with 10 meters interval”
“Mountain Summits”
“All Roads and Railways from TIGER”

WATER MAPS (Marine):

Water map navigator is the new ‘Marine Navigator for iPhone’ contains embedded Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC) from NOAA compressed to a large coverage. You can now download the application and transform your iPhone in a chart plotter with best NOAA, ENC S57 cartography; which includes Anchoring areas, Fishing areas, restriction areas, obstructions, rocks, Buoys, Beacons, Lights, Depth contours with Values display on map, Spot Soundings and more. The only marine app’s available in the market with such huge information. Every effort is made to be as accurate as possible when presenting information for every destination.


We offer high quality lake maps with detailed information and important features compressed to assure the larger coverage in USA region. Lake maps contain most important DNR lakes with detailed ‘Depth Contours, Boat Ramps, Fishing spots etc. Also includes Trails, Roads and Railways information.


These Maps treat you mostly with information of both Marine and terrain correspondingly. These are the most preferable Maps to travel especially for fascinating recreational voyages, map focus the best Beach spots along the Coast line, Major ports, Sailing, Fishing, Picnic areas, Parks, Hiking, Biking, Clubs, restaurants, Famous Hotels, Museums, Shopping areas, and much more.

“We work to delight your moments”
! Enjoy great Journeys!

Charts Edition: 2011
Keywords: Navigation, speed boating, sailing, diving snorkeling resort geocache, waypoints, mapping, topo chart, Parks, gps, satellite, direction, hiking, tracking, camp, walk, run, driving, car, bike, cycle, ocean, latitude, longitude, trails

Email us to for further feedback/suggestions.

Note: “Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”…/id324391686?mt=8&uo=4

Price: $1.99 USD
Languages: EN, FR, IT, ES
Released: 2009-07-25 00:54:04
Updated: 2017-09-06 21:36:35
Version: 5.5
Seller: Flytomap
Size: 31.74 MB