Hong Kong Metro Map 香港深圳地铁线路图

香港深圳地铁线路图 Free Hong Kong Shen Zhen Metro Map !

“I love the minimalism — it’s just what I want”
from app reviewer Don Ellis

HK MTR map now comes with free Shenzhen Metro map!
Simple is the best!

Hong Kong is connected to city of Shenzhen in mainland China in the northern border.
This is Hong Kong Subway/MTR Map, where MTR, or Mass Transit Railway, is the rapid transit railway system in Hong Kong.

It shows all the subway stations and also includes the railway system connecting to the city of Shenzhen at mainland China. You can use if offline!

About Hong Kong, from wikipedia

“Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港), officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is one of the world’s leading financial capitals and a major business and cultural hub. The English-language name “Hong Kong” is an approximate phonetic rendering of the Hakka or Cantonese name “香港”, meaning “fragrant harbour” or “incense harbour”

***All the stations’ names are both in Chinese and in English***
***pinch to zoom in and zoom out***
***double tap to zoom in while double finger single tap to zoom out

Great companion for traveling in Hong Kong! Enjoy it !


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Languages: ZH
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Updated: 2016-11-07 22:53:59
Version: 3.0
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myTransit – Seattle

myTransit gives you easy access to the King County Metros’s and Sound Transit’s real time tracking system from any iPhone or iPod Touch with network access. With myTransit you can quickly find out when your bus will be arriving to any stop you choose.

Note myTransit can only track bus lines that the are available via King Count’s real time tracking system.

• For any bus stop see what buses will be arriving
• See any route tracked real time on google maps
• Lookup any stop by route
• Mark any bus stop as a “favorite” allowing you to quickly access
• Map the stops closest to you and scroll/zoom the map to find more stops
• See the map location of any bus stop

For questions, feature request, and bug reports please visit our forums: http://forums.livespark.com/eve/


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Updated: 2011-01-31 19:40:50
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Let yourself be warned visually and acoustically when approaching traffic enforcement cameras.

POI-Warner LITE is equipped with a database of traffic enforcement cameras in 19 european countries including Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

The database is powered by navigating GmbH, pocketnavigation.de GmbH, POIHandler and POICON GmbH & Co.KG, all companies specialized in traffic enforcement cameras and software in this genre.

Main features:

– Database including 28.000 fixed speed and red-light cameras.

Other features:

– Displays distance to camera.
– Displays your current speed.
– Displays speed limit allowed by the camera (where available).
– Warns if you are driving too fast.
– User can choose proximity for camera warning.
– Intuitive compass for easy navigation.
– Uses both sound and vibration.


– iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 (GPS is required).
– At least 20 MB free disk space.


Price: Free
Languages: EN, FR, DE
Released: 2008-10-23 15:02:52
Updated: 2012-12-13 13:34:16
Version: 2.0
Seller: pocketnavigation.de GmbH
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Shanghai Beijing Metro Map 上海北京地铁线路图

Free Shanghai Metro Map,Beijing Metro Map 2 in 1 for both iPhone & iPad.

It includes the latest metro maps of Shanghai and Beijing, China.
It shows all the subway stations in both Chinese and English.

Great companion for traveling in Shanghai or Beijing in China ! Enjoy it !

You can use pinch to zoom in and zoom out, or drag the map around!




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Languages: ZH
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Updated: 2016-10-26 18:58:24
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Compass Go

Find your way back or the direction to a specific place, in the easiest way! Use Compass Go whenever you find it easier to follow an arrow to your target than to read a map. Featured in Apple TV commercial ‘Itchy’. Works on all iPhones!

Macworld (US) gave Compass Go a great “four mice” rating, June 2009, saying ‘… when it comes to finding a location, especially with an iPhone 3G, Compass Go gets the job done’ and ‘…if you have an iPhone, Compass Go is fun for the wow-factor alone’

1. Tap ‘Set Target’, ‘Use current location’ and you are done!
2. To find your way back, watch the target arrow and distance change.
3. As you get closer, the background changes from blue to orange to green.

Perfect for finding your parked car or a place on a festival, in the forest, on a beach or any situation where a map doesn’t work well. When used together with a friend who also has Compass Go, you can send your position so your friend can easily find you without having to figure out the map. If they don’t have Compass Go, there is a link to Google Maps as well.

Application features:

* Simple GPS compass
* Accurate sun compass
* Target finding device
* Geocache search tool (set your target coordinates manually)
* Multi purpose navigation helper utility
* Magnetic declination indicator
* View positions in the map application with driving or walking directions.
* Bookmark your location via email
* Email your location to others
* Simple speed meter
* Simple altitude meter
* Iphone OS 3.0 compatible

When using the live compass, make sure you walk in a straight line to get as accurate compass readings as possible.
It only works outside, just like any other GPS compass.

You may also use this application together with an ordinary compass to achieve a very exact target finding device. The application also has a built in magnetic declination indicator (red/white arrow) which compensates for the local declination.

If you don’t have a GPS iPhone (3G), your direction may be very wrong at times. Use the sun compass to confirm your direction. Generally it works quite well when there is good cell-phone coverage. You have to move more than the (±) accuracy limit to get a new reading.

We really try to answer all emails within 48 hours. If you have not received a reply, please try sending it again. We will answer you.

NOTE: Compass Go does not work on iPod Touch and it should not be possible to download it, unless you have an iPhone. Please contact Apple if you managed to download it anyway.


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Languages: EN
Released: 2008-10-22 01:31:11
Updated: 2009-08-24 20:40:15
Version: 1.2
Seller: Tommy Westerberg
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Fresh Tracks

Note from the developer… This app is getting a little long in the teeth (written in ’09) and the number of downloads no longer warrants continued investment. Making this app Free hopefully puts a smile on your face with nothing lost but some time to check it out. Kind words with a positive app rating will go a long way. Enjoy, be good & have fun!

Record, import, view, edit & store map paths on your GPS enabled iPhone 3G. Easily share map paths through Email.

Create map paths of all your outdoor adventures. Find your car. Leave bread crumbs so others can follow. Help yourself, and others, find locations when no address or road exists. Create Geo Art!

What users are saying about Fresh Tracks…

– “Very cool iPhone app.”
– “Should be an every day tool for anyone who owns an iPhone.”
– “Love the app.”

Why is Fresh Tracks better than the others…

– Allows you to share paths directly with other Fresh Tracks Users. No server required!
– Ability to create map paths with Segments (see the Golf Course example). Just imagine what you will be able to do on the Ski Hills!
– Path compression. Allows you to send paths using Mail and does not require data uploads to a server.
– Stores as many paths on your iPhone as you want.
– Creates map paths without the need to view the map (and without the associated need for a 3G or Wifi connection).

A couple sample paths are pre-loaded… feel free to edit and/or delete these when first learning how to use Fresh Tracks.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2008-10-21 22:38:10
Updated: 2009-01-12 20:47:42
Version: 1.2
Seller: Logicopolis Technology Inc.
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Traffic View London

Location-based traffic cameras on your iPhone, made simple!

From the makers of Traffic UK.

Based on your current location, or any other location you configure, Traffic View will retrieve the current traffic cameras in the area and display them on a map or in a customized listing.

Add cameras along your commute to your Favorites list for quick access to the cameras that you use the most.

Choose the order that traffic cams are shown and how large of a search area to cover.

Features include:

– Custom location entry, or let Traffic View figure it out based on your current location.

– At a glance map view of traffic in your area. See all of the traffic cameras around you directly on a map.

– Select cameras directly on the map to see the current road conditions! Just touch the pin!

– Fully configurable display options. Choose to sort traffic based on proximity or location.

– You choose how close the traffic camera must be in order to be shown in the application.

– Traffic cameras available in the greater London area.

Traffic View makes location-based traffic information simple and convenient.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2008-10-18 23:22:15
Updated: 2011-04-27 01:23:40
Version: 4.1
Seller: Chris Oklota
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A legal and community based radar notifying application for the Iphone WITHOUT ANY SUBSCRIPTION FEE. (compatible with iOS 5.0)

The meerkats, small mammals living in a highly socially developed organization, live in small colonies.
Each adult, male or female, takes on the role of watchman to ensure the safety of the group.
Once adult, young dominant females and males create their own colony.

In analogy to this behavior, the users of Avertinoo choose to be called meerkats.

Near 900.000 copies of Avertinoo have been sold , proof of it’s lasting quality, seriousness and confidence from it’s users.


Avertinoo uses a regularly updated database containing well over 27.000 radars in Europe, updated and corrected by it users.


Radar notifiers are illegal in following countries : Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Avertinoo can legally be used in the following countries (at the moment of this publication)

United Kingdom
The Netherlands

Avertinoo’s interface shows you at any time the precise number of meerkats that used the road you’re driving and since when. It shows you as well the number of people driving behind you on the road you used and that depend on your vigilance.
When an opener sends an alert, you will be visually informed in real time by waves around the number of openers
You will be informed regarding the density of speed traps around you, localized in details on a roadmap.
The number of meerkats in the same area will be available, not individually localized for confidentiality reasons.
You can choose to include the number of Meerkats coming your way, since they can alert you regarding dangers on your road ahead. If you activate the feature, their number will be shown separately just above the geek zone (green text)
Each event submitter can delete his own alerts via the inbuilt map.

Road names are now shown when possible. This feature has been improved since it release.

In your online member’s section you can choose the surveillance zone(30 km default) and your sync time.

The Ipod function allows you to choose your music libraries and/or podcasts.

Next to a night mode to avoid glare and an extra option to disable the flash during warnings, you can now choose between a spoken text or signal when speeding in a zone with speed limitation.

But above all on general demand we have included a new warning regarding red light camera’s. When enabled in the preferences you will be warned at maximum 500 m from the camera, a distance better suited for urban regions.

Also new is the possibility to cancel any warning with a single sweep on the screen. You can concentrate on driving instead on the warning.

Last new feature is a better management of risk areas by the server. Each time you enter a risk area, you will be asked if there is an actif speed control via the cross (no) and wink symbol (yes). If you answer yes, the zone will instantly be changed into a mobile control area for a time statistically determined by the server.

Unchanged since previous version :

-Activation with a valid email
-Choice between several audible alarms, even a voice
-Choice between several backgrounds
-Limited data usage and the option to avoid roaming
-According system language, Avertinoo will be in French, English, Dutch or Spanish
-and … a biker mode, economic with screen dimming option.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life


Price: $4.99 USD
Languages: NL, EN, FR, DE, IT, PT, ES
Released: 2008-10-18 06:44:47
Updated: 2015-10-27 10:01:06
Version: 3.9.2
Seller: Sebastien Poulet-Mathis (Visialis)
Size: 7.67 MB

IPS NearMe

Localiza tus lugares de interés de entre más de 90 categorías y personaliza tu aplicación según tus preferencias. Irás recibiendo actualizaciones de dichas categorías continuamente, sin necesidad de instalar nada.

Restaurantes, Bares, Moda, Farmacias, Hospitales, etc…

Cada localización consta de:

– Ficha informativa con acceso a llamada de teléfono.
– Posibilidad de añadir a nuestra agenda de contactos.
– Mapa de situación del lugar localizado.
– Acceso a Google Maps para indicar la ruta hasta el lugar localizado.

Gracias a la personalización de IPS, tu aplicación mostrará, a un paso de un click, aquellas 3 categorías que más te interesan, y todos los lugares que pertenecen a esas categorías y se encuentran cerca del punto donde te encuentras.


Locate your interest places from over 90 categories and personalize your application by your preferences. you will receive updates of these categories continuously,
without installing anything.

Restaurants, Bars, Fashion, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. …

Each location includes:

— Factsheet with access to phone call.
— Ability to add to our address book.
— Location map of the site located.
— Access to Google Maps indicating the route to the venue located.

Thanks to the personalization IPS, your application will show, a step in a click, those 3 categories you’re interested, and all places that belong to these categories and are near the point where you are.


Price: Free
Languages: EN, ES
Released: 2008-10-17 00:23:43
Updated: 2009-03-08 23:08:36
Version: 1.2.2
Seller: Antonio E. Rodriguez Muñoz (PhoneSoftware)
Size: 303.00 KB